Interview with Jacqueline Lorraine Conwell


Jacqueline Lorraine Conwell

Jacqueline Lorraine Conwell author of Jax & Marbles and Pick-up Stix 


About the author 

Jacqueline loves to read, and she absolutely loves her craft / talent / gift – whatever you’d like to call it. If she could go away now, and do nothing but write until her imagination depleted, or read until her eyes fell out of her head, she’d do it. She wishes she had more time in the day to just sit and fill pages and journals and external drives with everything that’s running through her mind. She finds that she can express herself through writing better than when she speaks. Writing is her addiction; it’s her drug of choice. Take that away from her, and she’d probably lose her mind.


Tell us something unique about yourself? 

I don’t know if anyone else experiences this like I do, but I dream quite often, and vividly, in color. I remember most of them. And the ones that I end up thinking about for hours after waking up, I end up writing them in the form of a narrative or a poem. Some dreams have actually helped fill gaps in a few chapters of my books. 

What are your future goals as a writer? 

My future goals are to try and get my books out there to other avid readers. It took me this long to actually start publishing, so I want to do everything I can to push them as far as they can possibly go. 

What is your favorite genre to read? 

My favorite genre is fiction. I love fantasy, horror, YA, etc. Basically, if it’s not non-fiction, and the synopsis piques my interest, I’m going to read it. 

What book are you reading now? 

I’m currently trying to get through as many of the Game of Throne books as I can before the new season starts next year. I was tempted to skip them since I enjoy the show so much, but I figured I’d miss out on things that don’t happen in the show. When I’m not reading that, I try to keep up with Erin Hunter’s “Warrior” series.

Where do you like to write? 

I prefer to write in my room. I’m more comfortable sitting upright in bed on my pillows. 

Do you have any writing rituals or things you do while you write? 

I actually enjoy listening to various types of music while writing. Doing so stirs up emotions, which helps me to “see” what I’m writing. If an idea isn’t playing as a mini movie in my mind, I’m unable to write. I guess that’s how my writers block works.  

Do you prefer paperback, hardback, or digital? 

I absolutely love physical books; preferably hardback. I just recently became a Kindle owner, so having digital books is something I’m still trying to get used to. But if a book I want comes in both formats, I’d more than likely get the hardcover.  

What’s one thing you absolutely cannot live without? 

My imagination. 

What is your favorite thing about being an author? 

My favorite thing about being an author is the ability to share my characters and stories with others.  

What advice would you offer newbie writers? 

Don’t let anyone tell you that what you write isn’t good enough, and won’t get you anywhere. If writing is what you enjoy doing, work on your craft. And don’t be afraid to share it. You’ll be surprised at how many people will actually love your work.  

Pick-up Stix, the follow-up book to Jax & Marbles, leaves some unanswered questions. Will there be additional books in this series? If so, how many do you anticipate? 

There will definitely be additional books in the series. I’m still trying to decide if there will be just a third, or a third and a fourth.  

Who is your favorite character? Why? 

If I had to choose one, I’d have to go with Alexia. All of my characters were built around a lot of my own personality traits, along with the personality traits of some people I know personally. I relate more with Alexia because she’s more like me than the other characters. We’d probably be the best of friends if she were a real person. 

Your characters come back with special gifts. If you could choose, which gift would you like to have? 

I’d want the same gift Julian had. The ability to travel while sleeping would be amazing. Being able to sense when someone I really care about is in trouble would be awesome, too.

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