Interview with Victoria Hanan Iglesias

Victoria Hanan Iglesias author of The Ballad of Cinderella Jones

About the Author

Victoria Hanan Iglesias is a professional writer, adventurer and proud auntie of six amazing nephews and nieces — and counting! A recipient of the Msgr. John A. Shocklee Interfaith Social Justice Award (2000), she is a member of Who’s Who and active in humanitarian outreach organizations around the world.

The book touches base on this, but what made you decide to write about your experience on the Camino De Santiago? 

In 2006, I turned 30 and really freaked out at the idea of leaving my twenties and youth behind. It was also the year a love relationship went south and a lot of old abuse and wounds from the past crept back into my present. Long story short: I was (creatively) blocked, broke, depressed and suicidal. This crisis led me to sell my home to finance living abroad for a year — and what a year it was! I moved to the Caribbean, connected with a celebrity bestselling author and traveled to Spain to trek 300 miles along the famed Camino de Santiago among other adventures.

The Ballad of Cinderella Jones” tells the story of this time.  

Did Talie find any lasting friendships along the Camino? 

Note to readers: Talie and I are one, so please excuse any pronoun swapping! 

You betcha – but you have to have a broader concept of the Camino. Talie’s not-so-traditional route included the Mexican Caribbean and the south of Spain, and she’s still in touch with people from there (readers might recall Oratzio and his family.)

Unfortunately, those longer-lasting connections haven’t occurred with anyone on the actual pilgrimage route, although their impact on my life remains profound. In particular, I often find myself thinking of Andy and Yanka. Hope our paths cross again. 

Having experienced a great accomplishment, would you do it again?

Absolutely! Only with much better-fitting hiking boots.

What’s your favorite genre to read? 

I’m pretty eclectic, although am a sucker for magical realism. Love that infusion of spirit in everyday life, maybe because I think there’s a lot of truth in it. Also into adventure travel.

What book are you reading right now? 

The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, a fascinating expose about how The Fed came about (hint: rich banking families determined to take over the world.) Honestly, fiction has NOTHING on this.

What are your writing plans for the future? 

I’ve always envisioned Cinderella Jones as a trilogy. The next book is tentatively called “Cindy and the Prince”, and will deal with marriage, divorce and the generational family patterns of my protagonist, Talie Esquivel-Jones. The final book will be “A Tale of Two Sisters”, which will explore more deeply the dynamics between Talie and Liv. Actually, I haven’t decided with book to work on on next — I’d love to have the readers’ take on that!

We all do different things to relax. What do you do to unwind and decompress? 

Hmm…I could get real funny and irreverent here but will make an effort to behave. So, I meditate/pray, snuggle with my doggie, read, drink Chamomile tea, pound the piano, pound the pavement or get into nature. Those are all pretty helpful. Also will listen to great comedians – right now am really into Gabriel Iglesias (no relation) and Gina Brillon.

Any pet peeves?

Mean people. Apathy. And lack of humor.

Are you a get up early or a stay up late type of person?

Both! My favorite part of the day is probably the madrugada, Spanish for that magical time slot between 3 a.m. and dawn. Absolutely love the stillness and peace – and the occasional trickle of birdsong.

The typical ‘stranded on an island’ question. What three things can you not live without? 

  1. Pocket scriptures
  2. US Army Survival Manual (gonna need it!)
  3. Dental floss

If you’re interested in reading more about Victoria Hanan Iglesias or The Ballad of Cinderella Jones please check out her website at

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