Review of Driving Me To You by Julie Farrell

Driving Me to You

Book Description/Synopsis:

Do You Love Romance? Driving Me To You Will Rev You Up And Set You Free!

When Sam meets her sister’s sexy mechanic, Verlaine, she instantly falls for those gorgeous brown eyes and rugged charms, and a secret romance begins. Unfortunately, there’s unfinished business between Sam and her monstrous childhood nemesis – no, not her sister Gemma – but her late-father’s beloved Bentley.

Gemma is struggling to save the family vintage-car business, and it doesn’t help that little sis has just swanned back home, with no intention of helping. Gemma knows the only solution is to involve Sam’s old flame, the charismatic venture capitalist, Marcus Priestley. But Marcus is compelled to win Sam back, and he certainly won’t let the hired help muscle-in.

Verlaine is Gemma’s sexy mechanic, who’s trying to blag it as a chauffeur – but he’s so bad at tying his necktie, he looks like a stripper at a hen night. Working with Gemma’s vintage cars is his dream job, but things get complicated when he falls for the boss’s sister and sets himself up as rival to Marcus. Then the road trip adventure from London to Brighton begins!

Will Sam choose the penniless new love or the wealthy ex? And how will she tame the Bentley, to become the strong and powerful woman that she’s always known she could be?

A must read for fans of Jojo Moyes books and Richard Curtis films. Driving Me to You combines strong female characters, good-looking guys, and an uplifting ride towards freedom.

Enjoy the exciting romantic adventure of Driving Me to You!

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

This was a sweet romantic book with a twist of underhandedness and family resentments. The characters were well developed and most of them very likeable, at least the ones you’re supposed to like. They all have very unique personalities and the way the come to together in perfect harmony makes this a very well written book.

Sam is a “half glass full” person whose view of the world is seen through her heart and not her eyes. She attempted to appreciate everyone around her for their contributions to her and their society and she’d do anything for those she loved.

Verlaine is an adorable man who does his best to get by in the world in which he lives, but it’s not until he meets Sam that he truly lives.

My Favorite Couple: Scott and Paul. I love how they deal with the normal day to day things in life that drag us down, and yet they choose to stand together and overcome. They are also the kind of friends who would get up in the middle of the night to go pick you up when your car breaks down…or in this case demand to go with you on a hair-brained mission.

My Favorite Moment: Sam overhearing the mechanic talking about the Bentley. That seriously made me laugh out loud.

Overall, I give this 4 stars! 

You can find Driving Me To You by Julie Farrell on Amazon.

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