Review of The Baby in the Window by Alretha Thomas

The Baby in the Window

Book Description/Synopsis:

A magna cum laude graduate of UCLA, Cassandra Harte never took a test she couldn’t ace. So when her home pregnancy test comes back negative, she’s certain the kit’s defective. Failure has never been an option for Cassandra. She has a well-established career, a handsome husband (Nick), and a lovely home. But there’s one thing Cassandra desperately wants that she doesn’t have: A baby. After trying for months to get pregnant without success, she starts to wonder if she’s finally met a challenge she cannot conquer. Determined to conceive, she creates an ovulation calendar so she can seize that perfect 24-hour window. When that fails, she sends up fervent prayers. But it soon becomes apparent that her inability to become pregnant has nothing to do with timing or faith, and everything to do with Renee, her diabolical, thirteen-year-old stepdaughter.

Mindy’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

When I first received this book I was thinking that this was going to be a full story on the struggles of trying to have a baby with not much storyline to it. Well it is about trying to have a baby BUT what I did not expect were the twists and turns that take place throughout this story. Once I picked this book up I was unable to stop until I was finished.

The relationship between Cass and Nick is pushed to all limits with Cass trying to conceive their baby and becoming a step mother to nine year old Brian and not so normal thirteen year old Renee.

Trust is tested between Cass and Nick in multiple brilliant ways. I love how there are so many topics touched on from family, faith, and parenting to marriage and relationships.

I really hope Cass and Nick’s story continues. I did not realize that this was the second book of their journey; I will definitely be reading Married in the Nick of Nine.

Overall, this book is an absolute page turner and a great book!

My Favorite Quote: I take the dipstick off of the sink and jiggle it. Maybe I can shake a plus sign out of this lousy piece of plastic that I’ve given way too much power. ~ Cassandra

I give this 4 stars!

You can find The Baby in the Window on Amazon.

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