Review of Scared Courage by Muriel Gill


Book Description/Synopsis: 

Neo makes a startling discovery, which forces her to make a difficult choice between honoring what she believes to be morally right and a lavish lifestyle, provided by her husband whose money is thickly tainted with the blood of the innocent. There will be dire consequences either way, not only for herself, but also in the lives of those closest to her. With her life in danger, she is forced to flee her beloved native country and live as a fugitive, under a new identity in a foreign country. Her journey to the warm friendliness of beautiful South   Carolina is one with twists and turns. Will her dogged determination to begin anew be enough to get her safely there? 


Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

The main character in the book, Neo, has to make a difficult decision that could change her lifestyle, and the lifestyle of her children. With this difficult decision she can stay quiet and continue to live as she does, or risk her life and the ones she holds dear to do what she feels is right.

Although this story is very fast paced and jumps through a lot of time I found it inspiring. If you have faith and stand by your morals even through fear, doors will open and with a little hard work your dreams can turn into a fortune.

Without giving too much away the twist at the end of this book will make you believe that anything is possible through faith and the never ending love of family.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone that likes Family Drama or even Inspirational Fiction.

I give this 4 stars!

You can find Scared Courage by Muriel Gill on LULU.

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