Review of Ruby in the Dust by Julie Farrell

Ruby in the Dust

Book Description/Synopsis: 

Nicky has a secret. She fled Germany at the age of fifteen, and found sanctuary in the sleepy English town of Maidenhead, where her café, Ruby in the Dust, has become a success. But now, as Maidenhead modernises, and Corporista Coffee engulfs the town, Nicky is falling behind on her rent and facing eviction. With all these worries hammering at her heart, she certainly isn’t looking for love.

When Alex crashes into her life with promises to help turn the business around, Nicky is sceptical. But there’s more to Alex than the waster he’s become. When Nicky’s nasty landlord challenges Alex to save the café in three months, Alex can’t resist, and they lay down a bet that could end up costing the penniless Alex a fortune.

Can Nicky put her pride aside to work with Alex and save Ruby in the Dust, before it becomes yet another corporate coffeehouse? And can she come to terms with her secret, and allow herself to fall in love with Alex, even if it means facing her deepest fears?
Snuggle up with a cuppa, and enjoy the warmth of Ruby in the Dust!

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

First of all I have to say that this book had me laughing out loud. The things that came out of Alex’s mouth were never dull; sometimes they were serious, mostly they hilarious, but definitely never dull.

Alex is a bored genius who has lost his way in life. Nicky is someone who can tell everyone else how to fix themselves, but doesn’t know how to fix herself. Together, through much hesitance on Nicky’s part and an overabundance of determination on Alex’s part, they learn they bring out the best in each other. Alex discovers that he can succeed at something that doesn’t come naturally to him; all he had to do was put in the effort. And Nicky learns that the wall of fortitude she’d placed around her heart could come crashing down; all she needed was to find that one person who loved her the way God made her…flaws and all.

This is a sweet romance and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys chick lit.

My Favorite Moment: The food fight! I mean how could I not love it…it’s a food fight.

My Favorite Quote: “I told him that I’m a control freak – but not some psycho – and that he looks like someone with a good sense of rhythm.” ~ Leia

Overall, I give this 4 stars!  

You can find Ruby in the Dust by Julie Farrell on Amazon.

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