Just in time for Halloween!! Review of Reprisal: Vengeance knows no boundary by Richard Schiver

Reprisal: Vengeance knows no boundary.

Book Description/Synopsis: 

On the surface her plan was brilliant in its simplicity. Return home, take the place of her twin sister, and live out the rest of her life in relative peace. Unfortunately even the best laid plans had their flaws and this one involved Margaret’s alter ego Candice, who was hell bent on leaving a bloody trail in her wake. But not even Candice had planned for one simple fact.

The dead always got their revenge.

Diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder at an early age Margaret could honestly say she had never been alone a single day of her life. Like two peas in a pod she shared her physical self with the other half of a divided psyche, a separate personality known as Candice. The difference between them was like that between night and day. While Margaret exuded the wholesome innocence of a country bred farm girl; Candice portrayed the character traits of a manipulative, conniving, sociopath whose only concern lay in doing what was best for herself.

Though Margaret physically killed the handyman who raped her when she was seventeen, her alter ego was responsible for the act. Thirty years have passed and Margaret is serving a life sentence for the killing she had managed to keep under wraps for seven years. She is confined to a Mental Health facility where a new doctor has been assigned to her case. One of his first acts is to reduce the dosages of the medications that have  kept Candice suppressed.

Candice seizes control and embarks on a murderous rampage as she seeks to regain the life that had been stolen from her. She leaves a trail of bodies in her wake as she returns home where the dead wait patiently for her return.

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Ghostly Psychological Horror is not typically a genre that I would read. Mainly it’s because the older I get the more freaky things tend to be. However, I accepted this review and was determined to read and review it because the storyline seemed very interesting.

I started reading this book and within the first couple of pages I was hooked and could not stop reading it. I had to know what was going to happen next.

Margaret has been diagnosed with a split personality, an alter ego that brings violence every time she surfaces. When Candice takes control over Margaret all bets are off and you can bet things are about to get crazy…and very bloody.

This storyline was very disturbing to me, but at the same time very entertaining. Richard Schiver does an incredible job at bringing his creation to life. There’s not too much detail, but just enough so you always know what’s going on. The timeline does alter between the present and flashing back to the past, though it only adds to the eeriness to discover all the things that this crazy woman has done throughout her lifetime.

My Confession #1: This book freaked me the hell out! I suggest that you don’t read it late into the night and then try to fall asleep unless you like things that go bump in the night.

My Confession #2: I’m now terrified of old women! And I will never ever pick up a hitchhiker!

Overall, I give this 5 stars! 

You can find Reprisal: Vengeance knows no boundary by Richard Schiver on Amazon.

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