Review of Crazy Dirty Love by T.R. Horne

Book Description/Synopsis:

Author T.R. Horne’s Flash Fiction at its very best! Sometimes you just want a taste, not a long drawn out novel, right? Well, get your taste buds ready for something sexy, sultry and thought-provoking. Crazy Dirty Love will have you telling your friends to read it because it’s so gritty. Enjoy 6 stories loaded with plot twists that’ll make you say “Oh gosh…let me hide my Kindle from the kids.” Stories included: Purge, Grateful, Thin Line Between Love and Legal, A Night with Sophie, Blind Date and Blue Blood: Big Chance. You will enjoy all of them…promise!

Jennifer’s Review: 

**I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review**

Flash Fiction isn’t something I normally read, but it being erotic/contemporary lit mixed with the intriguing synopsis hooked me and so I thought I’d give it a try.

The book title Crazy Dirty Love fits this collection of stories quite well. There are crazy stories, dirty stories, stories about love, and sometimes a mixture of all in one.

Purge: This is about getting through and being acknowledged. It was very detailed, but it was slightly strange and just didn’t capture my attention. 

Grateful: The title is pretty self explanatory, it’s about being grateful. The predicament was disturbing, but as the character’s mind wanders you discover why he is truly grateful. 

Thin Line Between Love and Legal: This was a crazy love story or should I say potential love story with a lot of crazy. The last line, for me, only added to its insanity. 

A Night with Sophie: Not sure about a night, but this did describe one intense intimate act. And this is where the ‘hide your Kindle from your kids’ part begins. 

Blind Date: Yep, this one definitely caught my attention! There wasn’t too much love, but there was definitely some crazy kinky sex. 

Blue Blood: Big Chance: This encounter/date did not go the way I’d thought! Hold onto your seats as you cannot even begin to fathom the twist this one has.

The stories are all very descriptive, though there a lot of metaphors. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing as metaphors can sometimes be a descriptions biggest ally, but the frequency definitely does not escape notice.

I was slightly disappointed that there was more thought-provoking and less sexy and sultry than I would have expected based on the synopsis. It’s not a bad read by any means; it’s just not what I had expected.

My Favorite Story: Call me a sucker for a down and dirty quick fix as my favorite would have to be Blind Date.

Overall, I give this 3 stars! 

You can find Crazy Dirty Love by T.R. Horne on Amazon.

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