Review of Sweet Backlash by Violet Heart


Book Description/Synopsis:

Chip arrives to a new town to practice law only to follow his secretary into the dark and secret world of dominance and submission. To his surprise, he finds himself under the rule of beautiful, sexy Melony. And against his will, she captures his heart. Together, can they overcome her past and break down her walls? Will she soften enough to let him in, where love can save them both?

Jennifer’s Review:

Melony is a woman with issues, but truth be told what girl doesn’t have issues. Hers are just a little more intense than the average persons. She’s a strong woman who finds herself in an unfamiliar world in order to create the boundaries and lifestyle she needs.

Chip may be new to town, but it’s not the town or the new job that catapults him to fiery depths. No, it’s a sexy blonde with an alternative lifestyle that drags him into the unknown.

This is a fast paced book that never slows down. From the moment Chip walks into his new office to the last page where… (sorry can’t ruin the ending!) I found myself lost in the pages. The only time I needed a break was after reading Melony’s backstory.

The story was well written, the characters were good, and the BDSM was interesting to say the least. I would recommend this to anyone who needs an erotic quick fix. I will more than likely be reading it again and I can’t wait to read Sweet Restraint.

My Favorite Quote: “What should I call you?” “How about Hey you,” she suggested with a straight face.

Most Hilarious Moment: The first time Chip showed up at Melony’s apartment. I loved his reaction!

Overall, I give this 5 stars!

You can find Sweet Backlash by Violet Heart on Amazon.


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