Review of Deceived Part 3 – Chloe’s Revenge by Eve Carter


Book Description/Synopsis:

After being rescued from a horrible fate in Paris and learning the truth behind the deception that tore her apart, Chloe is thrilled, not only to be back in New York, but also to be back in the arms of her true love, Patrick Collins. However, the conniving Baroness, Anna Von Lamberg, is not letting her claws out of Patrick just yet. Having bought the company, she is now his boss and makes sure that nothing comes easy for Chloe and Patrick. Will she succeed in once again breaking them up or will Chloe finally turn the tables and take control of the game. Find out what happens in the thrilling and sexy conclusion of the “Deceived” Trilogy in Deceived Part 3 – Chloe’s Revenge.

Jennifer’s Review:

In this final book Chloe has her man and everything seems to be going according to plan, but when it comes to Anna even the best laid plans have a way of falling apart.

Let me just do a quick overview: still love Chloe, Patrick is still swoon worthy, definitely still love Ryan, Anna still brings out the crazy urge to slam her head into a wall, and I hope Francisco has lots of fun with the soap!

This book does wrap up all the loose ends from the previous two books, but honestly with the shortness of these books I think this would have been more complete as one book.

My favorite Moment: Dinner in Hawaii. I mean really…could that have been more perfect!

Mindy’s Review:

Finally wrapping up the whirlwind of Chloe and Patrick in Deceived – Part 3 I found myself really enjoying the complete overall story. However, I still honestly think this should have been one complete book.

Chloe seems very strong headed in this book and seems to let words fly out rather than just “think” them. I have grown to love her character. Patrick is just a god send and a perfect gentleman that will never let Chloe down – The perfect boyfriend.  Still love Ryan; everyone needs a friend like him that is truly devoted. And last but not least Francisco; let’s just say that I hope he drops the soap!

Least Favorite Character:  It’s a tie between Francisco and Anna, That is kind of a given and I found myself cheering Chloe on as she dished out her revenge. Two birds, one stone.

My Favorite Moment: Had to be dinner in Hawaii. HELLO TIFFANY’S!

Overall, we both give this 3 stars!

**The funny part is that neither of us sees each other’s reviews until they’re being put together for posting and the similarity just goes to show how like-minded we truly are!**

You can find Deceived Part 3 – Chloe’s Revenge by Eve Carter on Amazon.


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