Review of The Forest Bull by Terry Maggert


Book Description/Synopsis:

Three lovers who stalk and kill the immortals that drift through South Florida (tourists are a moveable feast, after all) are living a simple life of leisure- until one of them is nearly killed by woman who is a new kind of lethal.

When Ring Hardigan isn’t making sandwiches for, and with, his two partners, Waleska and Risa (they’re cool like that), he’s got a busy schedule doing the dirty work of sending immortals to the ever after. Wally and Risa provide linguistics, logistics, and finding the right place for him and his knife- together, they’re a well-oiled machine, and they’ve settled into a rhythm that bodes ill for the Undying. Warlocks, vampires, succubae and the odd ghoul have all fallen to their teamwork. Life is tough, but they soldier on killing the undead, liberating their worldly goods for charity, and generally achieving very little.

-Until Ring wakes up after nearly dying at the hands of a woman who may or may not be the daughter of Satan. Ring’s a tough character, for a boat bum (killing immortals sort of rubs off on you that way), but twelve days of comatose healing are enough to bring out the ugly side of his temper. When a letter arrives asking for their help finding a large collection of stolen heirloom jewelry, they form an uneasy friendship with the last Baron of a family hiding in a primal European forest.

Cazimir, the Baron, has two skills: Jeweler and preserver of the last herd of forest bulls. It’s an odd occupation, but then, Ring, Risa and Wally aren’t your everyday career folks, and Cazimir’s lodge might be sitting on something that looks a lot like hell, which, according to a 2400 year old succubus hooker named Delphine, is currently on the market to the strongest immortal. The Baron’s impassioned plea to find the jewelry comes with some conditions- he doesn’t want the collection back as much as he does the thief, Elizabeth, who happens to be his daughter- and the woman who nearly sent Ring to his grave.
In a tapestry of lies, it’s up to Ring, Wally and Risa to find out what is evil, who is human, and exactly who really wants to reign over hell.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

The Forest Bull is a paranormal/urban fantasy which brings a whole new light to immortal creatures. Their dark and sexual nature is written very well and in some instances very unsettling. They are definitely not the types of immortals I’m used to reading about.

Ring is the hammer in the illustrious threesome. He seems to do most of the actual killing. Wally is the knock out who knows how to work the art of persuasion to obtain what they need. And Risa is the brains. Her detailed nature and organizational skills keeps them together and on target. Together they are friends, family, and lovers.

Through fate, or perhaps not, they were brought together to use their lack of fear combined with their skillsets to assist in protecting the innocent people of the world by dispatching the immortals. Though that is not the only good deed in which they do. They also use the wealth of the recently departed immortals for charities and families of the innocent victims. I would say they have karma on their side.

This book is quite intriguing, but on the same note could be a little over detailed at times. I understand that the backstory of your characters is important, but the backstory of the immortals too and what seemed like everyone in between was a bit much for me. I honestly didn’t start getting hooked until all the backstories were through and I could just sit back and enjoy the story as it unfolded. Some people enjoy that much detail into the characters, and if you do then this is definitely a book you should read, unfortunately I do not.

My Favorite Character: Risa. To me she is what holds the three together.

My Confession: The whole navel piercing immortal gave me the heebie-jeebies!

Overall, I give this 3 stars!

You can find The Forest Bull by Terry Maggert on Amazon.


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