Review of The Forge Book One: Discoveries by Shaunna Wolf


Book Description/Synopsis:

Jezren Darksky left Earth behind for the lure of the stars, and to escape her life on the streets. Accepted into the renowned Night Bird Warrior’s Guild she never expects to find the love of her life in the form of an alien man and then lose him. After chasing three fugitives across ten worlds, and nearly losing her life in the process, Jezren returns to the Guild Home world to mark her husband’s death. Lonely and guilt-ridden, Jezren makes a discovery in the arms of another non-human man that will change her life forever.

Nominated for Ecataromance’s Reviewer’s Choice Award 2006

Jennifer’s Review:

First off let me say that for a short story this is one hell of a book! I couldn’t put it down and I can’t wait for the second book to be released.

Jezren is a hardened warrior whose only weakness seems to be her love for Din’arik. Even after his death it is the only calm amongst the storm of her life. It’s hard not to feel her loss.

Din’arik seems to have been the most perfect person in the world for her. Even though he was an Ix Chet’n and she was human their love is endless. Even his egg twin Lin’arik can’t deny the connection.

The ceremonies and customs of the Ix Chet’n are beautifully written and I found myself clinging to every word. If you are a fan of erotic sci-fi romance then I would suggest you add this book to your library.

My Favorite Quote: “If I hunted with you – I couldn’t. I’d end up as insane in love with you as Din’arik.” I loved everything said before this comment too, but posting it would give away too much and I don’t like adding spoilers. Although I have to say I sure hope there is much more between these two characters in future books.

My Favorite Moment: Din’arik’s response to Jezren when she asks, “Would you have?”

Overall, I give this 5 stars!

You can find The Forge Book One: Discoveries by Shaunna Wolf on Amazon.


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  1. Tahnk you so much for reading and reviewing The Forge. The publisher is re-releasing book one with a new cover, and soon after book 2.

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