Review of Green Eggs & Weezie by Cathy Olliffe-Webster


Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Book Length: (Est.): 256 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

You think you’ve got the world by the woo-hoo, don’t you? Happily married? Oh yeah. Good kids? Uh huh. That’s what Weezie Polk thought until one day the man who would never cheat on her (never, never, oh no, not him) was caught massaging bare boobies … and they weren’t hers!

One thing leads to another and, before you can say Dr. Seuss, Weezie is changing her favourite ladybug underwear in the county jail.

How does a respectable, middle-class woman wind up in the back of a police cruiser? How does she lose her house? Her children? And what possesses her to shack up in a dilapidated farmhouse in the middle of a harsh Canadian winter, with nothing but whispers from a long dead grandmother and a can of blueberry pie filling?

Green Eggs & Weezie is a cautionary tale for all women who trust too much. There are things even the happiest married women should do to protect themselves and Mizz Weezie will lead them through the messy labyrinth that is a broken heart, with humour, passion and a recipe for the best meat loaf you’ve ever tasted.

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

This is a really good book and scary at the same time. Scary as in the sense that this could really happen to anyone at anytime.

Weezie is a woman that has everything: a good job, a loving husband and good kids. Until her kids find her husband doing something that he shouldn’t be doing. Kids can never keep a secret, even from their mother.

Weezie, in what I consider to be a nervous breakdown, assaults her husband with a Dr. Seuss book, gets arrested and has to spend a night in jail. Even while I was laughing so hard I could not breathe during this arrest, I also felt the struggle of what Weezie was going through to put her life back together and make a future with her kids.

I would recommend this to anyone that loves to have a great laugh with a touching story. Oh, and good recipes.

My Favorite Laughable Moment: No laughing matter, but when Weezie gets arrested.

Lesson Learned: Try Anything!

Overall, I give this 4 stars! 

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