Review of The Bracelet – A Novel of Life, Sorrow, and Love by C.A. Deslauriers


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length: (Est.): 287 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

A stirring romance novel revealing a woman’s life, conquering the wounds of abuse, and rising above life’s struggles. The story of Christine Fisher’s life will bring you on a journey of survival and redemption. True love’s thread is woven throughout the novel and the reality of her story will touch your heart and soul, moving you from warmth, through her pain and sorrow, and then to joy. If you believe in a real-life happily ever after and the bond that links soulmates; then you will feel the emotion in the story of “The Bracelet”.

Christine Fischer’s life had been poisoned with deep sorrow from memories of childhood abuse. This is her story of that life and her strength to overcome her pain and survive. Three men shared a part of that struggle. One rescued her, one almost destroyed her and the third, Jay West, loved her through all the pain and sorrow. The bracelet he gave her symbolized her life and their love. The words engraved on the heart reflected more than just the sexual bond they shared, but how that bond lifted her desire for life from lukewarm to one on fire. This is the story of true love’s fire, which ultimately transformed Christine’s sorrow into joy. That love joined Christine and Jay as soulmates for eternity. Their bond was forever sealed by the bracelet she wore and the words engraved on the heart that hung from it.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

This book was much different from many of the other contemporary romance books I’ve read. Most of the book is a memory. She is remembering her life and all the times she’s had to restart from square one. It’s not until the story is almost finished that it catches up to real time.

I enjoyed Christine’s character, but I felt like I was reading the Cliff’s Notes version of her story. It jumped from happy moment to happy moment, sadness to sadness; nothing really there to pull you into the full depths of the story.

If this had all been written in current time with actually play by play interactions between the characters – for example: dialogue and full conversations – I think I would have thoroughly enjoyed it. But I spent most of the book waiting to see how her story was going to play out in the present and then was kind of disappointed when I got there because it was told with the same brief moments, which in my opinion dented its intensity.

The Bracelet is a good book; it’s just not my kind of book. 

My Favorite Moment: A gentle knock on a hotel door and an unexpected visitor.

Overall, I give this 3 stars! 

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