Review of Complications (The Rebound Series – Book One) by Emilia Winters


Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Book Length: (Est.): 91 Pages 

Book Description/Synopsis:

After the end of a six-year relationship with an emotionally abusive boyfriend, Olivia Ward wants nothing more than to forget her deceitful ex and rebuild her demolished self-confidence. But when a devilishly handsome man with piercing hazel eyes and a sinful smile enters her cupcake shop just weeks after her break-up, Olivia discovers an overpowering need to surrender to his blazingly hot seduction.

Alex Matlock is a man who knows what he wants. And he wants Olivia. An extremely successful salesman, Alex relentlessly pursues the curvy blue-eyed beauty and convinces her to enter into a sizzling no-strings-attached fling. But as their passionate affair intensifies, Olivia discovers a wounded man under Alex’s sensual façade as Alex breaks down the walls surrounding her heart.

Complications is the first book of three in The Rebound Series. 

Jennifer’s Review:

First of all I have to say I felt like this book drops you off right where the middle should have been. The story seemed incomplete and not in a cliffhanger ending sort of way.

Besides that, this was a very good book. I absolutely LOVE how Olivia is a size 12 and curvy. You don’t see many woman like that in books and it was wonderful! She’s recovering from a six year relationship with a man who verbally abused her, took her for granted, and who cheated on her for over a year. Let’s just say she has some self-esteem issues.

Alex on the other hand has plenty of self-esteem. He’s very cocky and arrogant when it comes to getting what he wants, and what he wants is Olivia and all of her sexy curves. But there’s something in his past that keeps him distant when it comes to anything besides the sex. Guess I’ll have to read book two, Distractions, to find out a little more about him and to see if and/or how their relationship continues.

My Favorite Moment: There is just something extremely sexy about a man with the sleeves of his dress shirt rolled up as he’s hand washing dishes.

My Favorite Quote: “The man should seriously be illegal because she couldn’t remember the last time her panties had been this wet.”

Overall, I give this 4 stars! 

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