Review of Minutes Before Sunset (A Timely Death Trilogy #1) by Shannon A. Thompson


Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Length: (Est.): 297 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

Eric has less than a year left before his fated battle when he meets her. She’s a shade like him, but separated from the Dark – and with more power than she should have. And he can’t stay away.

Jessica is new to town and desperate to figure out who, or what, her birth parents were. But she can’t find them without overcoming Eric, and she won’t let him stop her.

‘Minutes Before Sunset’ happens through the minds of two young adults as they struggle to survive their paranormal realities and find balance in their human lives.

She was undoubtedly a shade, but I didn’t know her.

Eric Welborn isn’t completely human, but he isn’t the only shade in the small Midwest town of Hayworth. With one year left before his eighteenth birthday, Eric is destined to win a long-raging war for his kind. But then she happens. In the middle of the night, Eric meets a nameless shade, and she’s powerful—too powerful—and his beliefs are altered. The Dark has lied to him, and he’s determined to figure out exactly what lies were told, even if the secrets protect his survival.

He had gotten so close to me—and I couldn’t move—I couldn’t get away.

Jessica Taylor moves to Hayworth, and her only goal is to find more information on her deceased biological family. Her adoptive parents agree to help on one condition: perfect grades. And Jessica is distraught when she’s assigned as Eric’s class partner. He won’t help, let alone talk to her, but she’s determined to change him—even if it means revealing everything he’s strived to hide.

Mindy’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

This book was so refreshing to read. Once I read the first page I had a hard time putting it down. I found myself lost in the story and absolutely cannot wait to read the rest of the trilogy!!

Eric is a breath of fresh air as you really get to know him. At first he is a distant teenage boy that has a secret that cannot be shared with any other human. Eric has had many struggles in his life that prevents him from allowing anyone to get close, until destiny gets involved.

Jessica is the new girl at school who in her spare time tries to discover who and what she is. Being adopted and moving back to the town where she was born, she tries to find information on her birth parents. Jessica finds out more about herself than she might want to know.

I loved the chemistry between Eric and Jessica from the beginning. This is a very creative story with very strong characters. The dual point of view made this story unfold all by itself as the characters have different names when they are in Shade form. The action scenes are very creative and unique. Overall, I really loved this book and fell in love with these characters.

My Favorite Heartfelt Moment: I was falling in love with her, and she was falling in love with me. It was fated, decided before any of us were born, and I hated it as much as I loved it. I could barely stand it.

Overall, I give this 5 stars! 

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