Review of What You Leave Behind by Jessica Katoff


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length: (Est.): 217 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

“Ten years is a long time and even though I love you, I don’t think this is best for us anymore.” Those are the words that fall from Liam Barnes’ lips and leave Harper Reed’s heart in ruins on the side of Interstate 5. He’s lost and he thinks leaving her and all of Oregon in his rear-view is what he needs to find himself, dragging her heart right along with him as he goes.

Blindsided and devastated by the loss, Harper’s life crumbles around her, but she’s not the only one rocked by the news of Liam’s departure. Austin Hayward, Liam’s best friend and her long-time admirer, handles it about as well as Harper—not well at all. He is the only other person who understands the abandonment and helplessness she feels, and she finds comfort in their common sorrow and, unexpectedly, in his arms.

It’s where Austin has always wanted her and where neither of them predicted she would end up. But is it where she’ll stay? Is a new spark enough, when compared to an old flame, like the one Austin can see still flickering in her eyes?

Toward the end of a downward spiral lie the answers. What You Leave Behind is a story of anxious hearts, the deceitful self, and what it means to be lost and found again.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

First off I have to say this is one emotional rollercoaster of a read and most of it isn’t the happy kind. I think what had me turning the pages so quickly was the desire at a glimpse of happiness, but they are so few and far between.

Harper is a wonder woman who gets her heart ripped out. The night she thinks her boyfriend of ten years is going to propose he leaves her instead. She’s left devastatingly heart broken and on the verge of losing herself until suddenly she snaps and decides to get out of bed and reenter the world.

Liam had it all, but his anxiety pushed him to leave the one woman he’d always loved and would always love. Stupid choices cannot be taken back and when he finally decides he needs to go back he’s slapped in the face with knowledge that she’s moved on…with his best friend.

Austin, oh Austin, deserves so much more than he gets in this story. He’s been in love with his best friend’s girl since before Liam and even met her. He’d kept his feelings hidden over the years because he wanted to see her happy and Liam was the one to do that. But the moment he no longer did, Austin worked his way into comforting her (and her him) and their relationship grew.

But it’s not as simple as boy break girl’s heart and then girl falls in love with boy’s best friend. Oh no! It’s much more complicated than that. Two broken hearts cannot mend each other, but friendships and love can. It’s not until the last few pages that you discover the answer to your lingering question…Who is she going to choose?…and honestly it could have gone either way.

My Favorite Character: Hands down it has to be Austin. I just love him! There’s nothing like the sexy brooding man who puts others in front of himself.

My Favorite Moments: Both of my favorite moments include Harper’s mother and butcher knives. Now that is one overly protective mother.

Overall, I give this 4 stars! 

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