Review of More Than Friends by Aria Grace


Genre: Erotica (M/M)

Book Length (Est.): 104 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Tired of moping around after the breakup of his long term girlfriend, Ryan knew he needed a hookup to get him out of his funk. When he met Drea, he hoped she might be the one. But when he felt more chemistry with her gay cousin Zach, Ryan felt more confused and terrified than he had in his life. He wasn’t gay but he wanted to be with Zach. How could it possibly work?

Jennifer’s Review: 

This is more of a realizing who you are type of book than anything. Ryan had been in a long term relationship since high school and never really cared to look for anything besides what he had even though what he had never truly satisfied him.

After a night out with his boss he’s forced to take home the girl he’d been talking to all night. He wasn’t really into her, there was no chemistry, but he found himself in a predicament and sleeping on the couch. It was there he met her cousin Zach.

Zach felt immediately drawn to Ryan and the fact that he was sleeping on the couch instead of in bed with his cousin, Drea, had him quite curious. He attempted the friend roll with Ryan, causally inviting him to hang out or participate in group activities, but there came a moment when he could no longer resist his nature and wanted to know if Ryan could ever feel the same way.

You can always assume who you are until you find that one person who makes you feel things you never thought imaginable and then you’ll know who you are. I would recommend this to anyone 18+ who enjoys a little M/M erotica.

My Favorite Quote: “How do you know you’re not if you’ve never tried it?”

My Favorite Moment: There’s always something intense about staring into the eyes of someone and the gaze alone evokes lustful emotions.

Overall, I give this 3.5 stars! 

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