Review of Shadows of the Past by Richard Schiver


Genre: Paranormal Suspense/Horror

Book Length (Est.): 238 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

They hide in the shadows..

“Tell me about the warehouse, Carl.”
“I don’t want to go there,” Carl whispered.
“The shadows.”
Sam could feel something crawling around inside him, a thing dark and oily, responding to Carl’s terror. He recalled the solitude of the warehouse. The thoughts that went through his mind upon entering its shadowy interior.
He who walks between the rows.
Carl pointed a shaking finger at the building behind them. Among the pedestrians moving in and out through the seven revolving doors, Sam caught a glimpse of something dark. A shadowy figure, seen for a brief moment, then gone as quickly as it appeared.
“The shadows,” Carl whispered with a shaky voice.
“What’s in the shadows?” Sam’s throat was constricted and he struggled to get the words out, “tell me, Carl, what do you see in the shadows?”
“Ssssshhhhh.” Carl put his finger to his lips. He whispered, “don’t let it hear you.”

An ancient ceremonial dagger has a disturbing effect on any who come into contact with it. Contained within the blade is the spirit of a primordial god who once ruled a young planet. Seeking a return to its former glory it searches for the only one who can release it from its prison of the past. A brain damaged four year old whose fathomless black eyes hold a disturbing secret.

It will do anything to possess this child. But first it will have to go through the boy’s father who is struggling with his own shadows of the past as he teeters on the brink of a terrifying decision.

Brandi’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

When I first started reading this novel it was hard to remember all the characters, they came in so fast and switched from one scene to another quickly. However the writing style and character drama kept me intrigued.  After a few chapters I felt I knew all the people well enough that I was not turning pages back to find out who this or that person was.

Sam is a police officer who has had a rough life, we all know the stresses that come with losing a loved one or feeling alone, but Sam has to overcome forces that are out of this world! I think my jaw was clenched through the entire story. I felt what the characters did, at one point I even yelled at the book, I never did have to put it in the freezer though.

Richard Schiver has a way of making every possible fear come alive in his novel, everything I am afraid of materialized in the text… I am not exaggerating…everything! But I never put the book down, I couldn’t! I was so into the plot, I just had to know how it turned out.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who likes horror. I have read every Stephen King novel ever written, even the Bachman books, and Richard Schiver is right up there on his level for me. Great job Rick, keep on writing! 

Overall, I give this 5 stars! 

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