Review of Married Couple Seeks Girlfriend (A Ravenwood Circle Story #2) by T. Lee Alexis


Genre: Erotic Romance

Book Length (Est.): 62 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Eva and Peter Ravenwood are treading in sensual, sinful and dangerous territory. Now, they’re working hand in hand as fast as they can to go farther. Tonight, they tempt fate by pulling a woman into their bed sharing her between them.

Where they will find themselves in the morning is anyone’s guess.

Six months ago, Eva Ravenwood was on the edge of divorce, locked in a cheerless marriage with Peter, who loved her but had a schedule that made Eva a virtual widow.

Rather than watch their marriage rip apart, or subject themselves to dreary sessions with a suburban marriage counselor, they decide to tear a page from their heedless past and seek out a woman they can share between them and bring her into their bed.

But as Eva and Peter meet Brooke in an opulent Chicago bar, they step from their fantasies to a bracing reality. Eva is about to find out if some fantasies are better left alone, or if she has been denying herself the secret pleasures of life for far too long. What follows is an unforgettable night of the most sensual, decadent and unbelievable sexual pleasures anyone in their circle of friends and co-workers has experienced.

As the cover is torn off their suburban sex life, Eva and Peter are about to find their world remade. With each step into this new world of sexual adventuring Eva and Peter’s lives are changed and the effects ripple not only in their experience but out through friends and aquaintances until people from one coast to the other find their worlds changed by just one small brush with The Ravenwood Circle.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Even though short, book one of this series, Marriage Counseling from a Stripper Pole, felt like a story. This book felt more like a scene. If you want a quick threesome read this definitely has it, but that’s all it has.

Eva and Peter decide they want more than a stripper. They want someone they can both touch. Someone they can both play with and who will play back. They find that someone on Craigslist.

After an evening of dining and testing the limits of comfort with the limits of attraction these three realize all they need. Peter gets to see his wife be the dominant he’d never expected she could be and Ava gets to push all thoughts of jealousy aside when she sees her husband buried deep inside another woman.

In the end, this experience tested their relationship…and they came out stronger.

Overall, I give this 3 stars! 

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