Review of Unfiltered and Unknown (Unfiltered #2) by Payge Galvin and Lynne Jaymes


Genre: Contemporary Romance, NA

Book Description/Synopsis: 

After a night-shift shooting of a drug dealer in The Coffee Cave, twelve strangers each walk out with more than $100,000 in dirty money, a pact never to meet again, and the chance to start over …

Dillon Varga has always craved the spotlight. Now, with his newfound riches, he jumps at the chance to leave his troubled past behind and take a shot at his future. With his best friend Savannah Miller by his side, Dillon hits the neon lights of Las Vegas for a chance at a spot on the hit TV show American Voice. As they both move up in the singing competition, feelings surface between them that make both singers wonder if there might be more to life than just fame and fortune. Together they’ll have to dodge the perils of celebrity judges, sexy competitors, and the truth about the past to find the one thing they desire most — each other.


*We received an ARC of this book free from the authors in exchange for an honest review* 

Mindy’s Review:

Dillon Varga is leaving town with more than 100,000 dollars from a murder that is being covered up by twelve strangers at The Coffee Café. And he is leaving town with no intentions of returning. He gets his chance when the hit TV show American Voice is doing auditions in Las Vegas. While saying goodbye to his best friend Savannah Miller, Dillon realizes he does not want to leave her and asks her to go with him for support.

Savannah Miller tries to keep from being just another notch on Dillon’s belt and keeps the relationship as just friends and keeps the fantasies in her head to herself. When Dillon convinces Savannah to audition for the show and they both move forward in the competition feelings become very hard to keep to yourself when the world knows you as America’s Sweethearts.

When Max comes to see Dillon he lets out a very big secret and Dillon must confess to Savannah if he wants her to trust him again.

This is the second book in the Unfiltered series. This book was not as “hot” as the first book but the storyline is great and the chemistry between Dillon and Savannah is strong. This is definitely a series that I will continue to read as the authors let us explore into the lives of the twelve strangers at The Coffee Café by releasing a book a month.

It is definitely not hard to fall in love with the hot guitar player who can sing as well.

Jennifer’s Review:

This book follows Dillon on his journey after the crazy night at the coffee shop that ended with one man dead and twelve people each walking away with over $100,000 in cash each.

Dillon is an extremely talented musician and decides that now he has the money to follow his dream, and he follows it all the way to Las Vegas for the American Voice tryouts. Before he leaves town there is one thing he has to do, give his best friend his guitar, but when he sees her he realizes he can’t go without her and begs her to go with him…as support.

Standing in the enormous group of people, waiting in line to audition, Dillon decides that Savannah is not only there for support, but there to also try out. It doesn’t take her long to agree to it. Savannah’s been in love with him for years and she’d probably follow him to the moon if he asked.

With Dillon and Savannah both moving with ease through the competition they begin spending more time together and the title they were given as “America’s Sweethearts” begins to feel a little more like the truth. That is until she learns a dark secret about Dillon, about why he left town so quickly.

This is a sweet love story with a few sparks of intensity as Dillon and Savannah’s friendship evolves into more than either could have wished for.

Our Favorite Laughable Moment: We love Dillon’s roommate! He was a great character with a good sense of humor.

“Are you going to hit on me?”

He breaks into a tiny smile. “No. You’re not my type.”

Our Favorite Quote: “The want is so deep, so encompassing that even though I know it’s a bad move, I have to make it anyway, no matter what happens tomorrow.”

Overall, we both give this 4 stars!  

*Clicking on the book cover above will take you to the Unfiltered website where you can find the latest up to date information on the series and the authors. Unfiltered and Unknown is scheduled to be released February 14, 2014.


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