Review of Undeniable (A Country Roads Novel #2) by Shannon Richard


Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Book Length (Est.): 368 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:


Grace King knows two things for certain: she loves working at her grandmother’s café and she loves the hunky town sheriff. She always has. As she bakes him sweet treats, Grace fantasizes about helping him work up an appetite all night long. But whenever she thinks she’s finally getting somewhere, he whips out some excuse to escape. Growing up, he never looked twice at her. Now Grace won’t rest until she has Jax’s undivided attention.

Jaxson Anderson can’t deny that his best friend’s kid sister is the sexiest woman in Mirabelle, Florida. Unwilling to burden Grace with his painful past, Jax keeps the sassy blonde at arm’s length. Yet one heated kiss crumbles all of his carefully built defenses. But when a town secret surfaces, threatening to destroy everything they believe in, can the man who defended Grace from bullies as a child protect her now? 

Jennifer’s Review: 

With her brother now married to the love of his life Grace feels like she’ll never have what he does. The love of her life looks at her like a kid sister and it’s killing her. Grace has known Jax all her life, but there was this moment when she was a young girl that made her fall hopelessly in love with him, and now that she’s older she still feels the exact same way. Too bad he’s clueless, or at least he is until she gets upset and flat out tells him. 

Growing up in a home where your mother never took care of you and your father made sure he continually told you how worthless you were had shaped Jax more than he’d liked to admit. Because of how he’d grown up he never thought himself worthy of the only girl he’d ever cared for, Grace. He’d been in love with her for years, but he refused to ever do anything about it. Even after an undeniable moment where his resolve shattered and he gave into his desires, he’d immediately pulled back, leaving himself…and her, even more broken. 

After restraints are finally broken between Grace and Jax, they fall into a rhythm they don’t know how they ever did without before. But part of Jax still thinks he isn’t good enough for her and part of her keeps waiting for him to walk away again. Their relationship may be doomed, but it’s amazing how one night can change everything. 

This book has all the characters I loved from the first book, including a new little addition. This too had humor; nothing like flour hand prints to give away a secret. It was emotional; nothing like altercations that keep ending with people in the hospital.

And the heat between Grace and Jax was perfect. 

“Oh, jeez, she was wearing those black lace boy short things that made him forget his name.”

“Flat surface. He needed a flat surface like ten seconds ago.” 

My Favorite Moments: I enjoyed it thoroughly ever time Jax got his ass handed to him. Usually it was Shep doing it, but there were also a few others including Brendan that did it in a way that made me wish I had an older brother, especially one like him. 

My Favorite Laughable Moment: A brother’s unexpected visit at a very inappropriate time. 

“Holy hell, there are so many things I’ve never wanted to witness and you in bed with Jax is pretty close to the top of the list.”

Overall, I give this 5 stars! 

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