Review of Smokin’ Hot by Lynn Lafleur


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica 

Book Length (Est.): 288 Pages 

Book Description/Synopsis:  


After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, Julia Woods is ready to start fresh in a new town, a new state. She doesn’t want to get involved with another man, and especially not with an adrenalin junkie.

The instant attraction she feels when she meets Stephen McGettis frightens her. She’s never experienced something so strong, yet she worries about starting a relationship with him. With his motorcycle racing, whitewater rafting, and skydiving, he’s as much of an adrenalin junkie as her former lover.

Stephen loves Julia and doesn’t want to lose her because of her concern over what she considers his dangerous pastimes. He has to prove to her he’s not a daredevil, and that love is the greatest adventure of all.


In town to visit her grandmother in the hospital, Rayna Holt never expected to run into her ex-husband, Marcus. Seeing him reminds her of all the pain and loss she’d experienced five years ago that led to their divorce.

Marcus is still angry and hurt over Rayna destroying their marriage. They’re forced to spend time together while the construction company he works for repairs her grandmother’s house due to a fire. Old desires smolder beneath the surface, but Marcus is leery of giving in to them. Rayna broke his heart when she left him. He can’t live through that kind of pain again.

Both Rayna and Marcus have to let go of the past before they can forgive each other and fall in love again.


Talia King has loved Dylan Westfield ever since the day she met him two years ago, but he treats her as nothing but a friend. Every attempt she’s made to date him or spend more time with him has been shot down by Dylan.

Dylan loves Talia as much as she loves him, but his painful past won’t let him surrender to that love. Fear of physically hurting her keeps him alone and aching for a life with her…a life he knows he cannot have.

A night of passion convinces Talia that she and Dylan are perfect together. Dylan admits his love to Talia, but tells her it doesn’t matter since they can never be together.

Talia hatches a plan to convince Dylan that she knows he would never hurt her. It might backfire, but she believes it’s worth the risk to be with the man she loves. 

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from NetGalley on behalf of Kensington Books in exchange for an honest review* 

These three stories continue with the wonderful volunteer firefighters from Lanville, Texas. The first story I read about these characters was in the book titled Hot Shots that included three short stories from different authors. The one in mention is titled Sizzle. You can read my review here. The stories can all be read independently, but when it comes to sexy fireman, I personally don’t want to miss a single one. 

Singe is about a woman overcoming her past to allow herself to fall in the present. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to fall head over heels for the hotness that is Stephen. 

Julie moves to a new town where she knows pretty much no one just to get away from her past, but it doesn’t take long for her to fit right in. She lives with her mother’s longtime friend, Dolly, who treats her like a daughter. I love her; she’s funny and calls it like she sees it. 

Stephen stays busy with his motorcycle racing, skydiving, a roofing business, and volunteer firefighting, but when he meets Julie he can’t help but make her a priority. He wants her like he has never wanted anyone and the feelings seem to be mutual. But when Julie discovers he’s an adrenalin junkie like her ex, she can’t be with him, no matter how much she’s already feeling for him. Now if he can only persuade her to change her mind? 

My Favorite Moment: I absolutely loved it when Dolly asked Julie how Stephen was in bed and mentioned she knew that he would be great because of his swagger. Goodness gracious, now I’ll be watching for swagger! 

Singe gets a Smokin’ Hot 5 stars! 


Smolder is a story of reunited love. And it is by far the most emotional story I’ve read in this series so far.  Keep the tissues handy! 

Marcus found himself in Lanville not long after his much unwanted divorce. First he lost his son, and then he lost his wife. He was a broken man clinging to everything he’d lost and it was heartbreaking. 

A devastated Rayna fled after the loss of her son. Everything was a reminder of what she’d lost and she needed to leave it all behind…including the love of her life. Five years after her life dramatically changed, a twist of fate kept putting Rayna and Marcus in the same places at the same times. But getting over a past like theirs in order to fan the flame that still burned between them was not an easy task. 

My Favorite Moments: I have two that stick out the most to me. The first was a trip down memory lane about mushrooms and Salisbury steak. The second was the emotional high it takes to not notice it’s raining. 

Smolder gets a Smokin’ Hot 4 stars! 


Spark is a tale of two people who are in love with each other, but who live in the ‘just friends’ area. 

Talia has been in love with Dylan since she met him, and the two years since have only served to make that love grow stronger. Too bad every time she asks him out he says no. And too bad it looks like she’ll be stuck in the friend zone forever. But you can’t force someone to love you who simply doesn’t. 

Dylan is in love with Talia, but a past he wishes he could forget keeps him from getting close to her. What it doesn’t stop is him from giving into her when she throws her slightly tipsy self on him. There’s simply only so much restraint a man can have when the woman he loves is touching him and kissing him before he gives in and completely consumes her right back. 

I’d read about their attraction to each other in Sizzle and was so glad to finally get to read their story. 

My Favorite Moment: Finding where a tipsy Talia disappeared to and hearing her try to explain that she was there to escape someone who was part octopus. 

Spark gets a Smokin’ Hot 5 stars! 

Overall, I give this 5 Stars!

*Clicking on the book cover above will take you to the Amazon purchase page. Smokin’ Hot is scheduled to be released on March 25, 2014 and is now available for pre-order.

**Mindy will also be reviewing this book closer to the release date, so be on the lookout.


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