Interview with J.D. Gentry


J.D. Gentry, author of Mommy Support Group, like many others writes under an alias and therefore there will be no glimpses into the secret identity, however there will be glimpses into the mind behind the mask. And for all who read this book, you will definitely want a glimpse, especially into Apexysm.


Mommy Support Group is definitely one of the most unique stories we’ve read lately. In the dedication you say this started as a story for your wife; what made you decide to write such a titillating story for her? And how did it evolve into the finished product?

My wife likes titillating stories.  For years, I have invented stories, situations or fantasies that helped us bring our minds together as strongly as our hearts.  She has at those times urged me to write some down.

When my job began to take me away from home for weeks at a time, a couple of powerful forces converged.  One, my desire for her grew.  Two, I wanted to capitalize on every minute we were together.  Basically, I wanted her horny from the time I flew back home until the time I left again.  So I began to write short stories or poems to “prime the pump”.  I would send them to her a day or two before I arrived.  Homecomings were rarely disappointing.

I found, though, that the amount of setup that was required to tell a good tale was significant.  I felt like the characters had to have some depth; otherwise, I was just doing the literary equivalent of playing with dolls – hardly stimulating.  So I decided to serialize the stories, adding chapters to a work I honestly never intended to go anywhere but into her keepsake box.

After about fifty pages, though, she began to urge me to complete the story with an eye to publication.  It was an interesting challenge, and I wanted to keep her happy, so I did.  Two years of writing in hotel rooms and airport lounges, along with the grinding two months of editing and polishing, and I decided to self-publish the book.

The characters in Mommy Support Group are invited to a ‘Play Party’ with adult toys made by Apexysm. Some of the pleasure aids, as you refer to them on your website, are way ahead of their time. Give everyone a sneak peek into that kinky part of your brain that came up with Steve. How did you come up with them? And I just have to ask…did you ever sketch these items out or are they only locked away inside your mind?

I will divulge one personal detail – I am a geek.  This chapter was a hoot to write for me because I was able to let my left-brain come out to play.  The entire time I was writing it, I kept referring to it as the “science-fiction” section of the story.  But real science often begins with science-fiction, and nothing I described is technically impossible for a person or company with a will to produce next-generation pleasure aids.

I have furnished my wife with a wide variety of toys.  After all, I didn’t want her to get too lonely while I was away.  We have enjoyed using them on her.  The problem for many of them is simply the quality.  The plastic ones are cheaply-made, with no eye to quality or longevity.

I wish I had thought about making sketches before.  Maybe if I ever re-release the book, it will be illustrated.  If you would like to help with that effort, I would welcome any sketches you could make.  It would be very interesting to get a glimpse into your brain as well.

As far as showing you the brain behind it, I felt like Steve was the “perfect man” for women – always ready, never tired, always hard, capable of being very rough and very gentle, completely dependent on her whim.  He would be her perfect lover, tailor-made for her, pleasing her in all the ways she wants, and even capable of taking her beyond what she thought she needed.  All she has to do is say “…Please.”

I can honestly say that my husband says things like Greg all the time, but like most men it’s all talk, and he’d probably have a heart attack if he ever found out that I followed through with some of his insinuated ideas. Saying that, I’m curious as to why Greg was written as incredibly understanding. He’s pretty much perfect. When writing him, did you intend to make him as flawless as he turned out to be?

Of course – Greg was based on me…sort of J .  Greg’s first reaction to Ronni is always one of love and trust.  That is why Ronni is so increasingly reticent to tell Greg as story unfolds – her betrayal is compounded by her continued silence.  But just like everyone, she becomes jaded in time, learning to live with the lie of omission.

By the time Greg is confronted with the truth, there are far worse problems to consider.  I do think he was hurt, but not by Ronni taking him up on his offers.  While there may have been a twinge of jealousy, he realized he had given her permission, and she had taken him up on it.  He is hurt by her silence.  But the deeper hurt he felt is the heavy weight his mate had chosen to bear alone.  That broke his heart most of all.

Greg and Ronni both felt secure in their relationship.  Greg knew that, no matter what, Ronni was not leaving him.  He is not flawless, but this story is from Ronni’s point of view; her guilt makes her oblivious to the minor transgressions he might commit.  He does, also, rank higher in her book than even Steve because he doesn’t even need her to verbalize her desires for him to fulfill them.

Full disclosure – if my wife told me she had slept with another woman, I would only object if she failed to give sufficient details.  Pictures would make it more than acceptable.

In my review I stated Mommy Support Group isn’t for the faint of heart and we touched a little on this before, but for the record I’m asking. The amount of sexual detail is immense, not only in the pleasurable scenes but also the not so pleasurable ones. What made you decide to keep the amount of detail throughout the book and how difficult was it to write the scenes toward the end?

Since this book was originally begun for my wife alone, I included a salacious amount of detail in the stories for about half the book.  When I decided I may really publish the work, I had a choice to make: go back and obscure the details, or press onward with similar details.  It is also at that point the complete, final story line began to solidify in my head.

While the sexual scenes are graphic, I really wanted to build the story and the characters between sexual episodes.  I wanted to avoid the “heaving chest” romance and the “try every position” erotica, both of which I consider sins against literature.  I also wanted to maintain the internal integrity of the narrative, not allowing anyone to accuse me of “wimping out” or growing lazy in my descriptions as the story unfolded.

I was, thus, left with the very disturbing decision of how to write the penultimate scenes.  I ended up writing the entire passage in a single gut-check evening.  I finally had to tell myself that lovers have sex like lovers and evil bastards have sex like evil bastards.  So, even in editing, that section becomes like a swiftly-detached Band-Aid for me.

I would like to make one other comment about the detail in this book.  I was quite surprised how inadequate pronouns are when describing a scene involving more than two people of the same sex.  I ended up using the proper names many more times when I had to have the groups relate just to allow the reader to keep up with the conversations.  This may be quite obvious, but the use of “her” too many times becomes really ambiguous.

One of my favorite parts was when Greg said, “Neighbors? What neighbors?” in response to Hannah and Ronnie unconventional living proposition. I love new twists on love triangles. Without giving too much away, can you tell me how you came up with the twist of Ronni having the feelings she does for Hannah without it taking away from Greg?

You can thank Mrs. Gentry for some of this.  Early on, she commented that the book needed more romance to support the sex.  As a result, I decided to explore the relationship between Ronni and Hannah more (I don’t think that is necessarily what she meant, but she approved in the end).  The more situations I drew for them, the more natural it seemed to me that these characters would come to love each other.

The penultimate scenes are really the ones that drove the final choice.  I kept putting myself into each of the characters to find their natural reaction, and the “twist” was the only one that all three could live with.  It is certainly atypical, but, I hope you will agree, is entirely consistent with the motivations of each character at that time.

There are a lot of sexual details, especially when it comes to female pleasure. Did you have to do research or are you “The Great and Powerful Oz” and know it all? And please don’t skimp on the details as we are all quite curious on this one.

Haha!  Mrs. Gentry read the questions with me, and she says that I AM the Great and Powerful Oz.  I just say, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

But you want details, so here it goes:

With the exception of a couple of short-lived prior relationships, the sum total of my “hands-on” research has been with my wife alone.  Mrs. Gentry is generally quite well-satisfied, and has suggested at times that I teach a class.  I have chalked this up to merely stroking my ego, though.  Besides, the logistics of setting the class up, organizing everything – that just bores me silly.

Perhaps if I were not self-published, the publishing house would have marketing people create a better legend for me as the playboy of the western world.  But as I am simply me, I will say that I have to agree with Mrs. Gentry on this one: sex without a relationship is hollow and unsatisfying.  So she has been plenty for me, with the occasional fantasy thrown in for fun.

I heard a couple of disturbing statistics recently that I think may be related.  One is that most (more than half of women) have never had a full-blown orgasm.  The second study was that the average time couples take to complete a sexual session is less than five minutes.

One of my internal justifications for leaving the graphic descriptions in the final product was the possibility of helping educate readers of both sexes.  For the women, a slow build and patient consistency work to produce full-body orgasms.  And it does require patience; half an hour is the average time I have observed, and that is just to produce her first orgasm.  But the effects are glorious, grand beyond full description.  There is no more sensual sound than the groan of a woman in mid-orgasm, the air forced from her lungs by the uncontrolled contractions of her abdomen (I hope that wasn’t too graphic…).  I did have Stephanie sum up my observations early on in the book, when she and Ronni talked about reading sexual cues.  You could refer to those as the “findings” of my research.

Now for some simpler questions: Do you plan on writing anything else? And if you do, will it be just as risqué?

I will undoubtedly try to write something else.  Unfortunately, I am a man, and our natural state tends toward attention deficit (or at least mine does).  I haven’t chosen a new project yet, but I have three or four ideas in rough.

One of the possibilities is, of course, a sequel to Mommy Support Group.  I have the early plot and situation sketched, but I have not begun writing in earnest.  I will say that your kind reviews are encouraging me to explore these characters further.  And of course, if I do, the detail will be the level I judge to give the best picture of what I am seeing in my head without becoming tedious or repetitive.  This should sum to something on the risqué side.

Do you have any writing habits?

I produce, on average, eight to ten pages of writing per day.  Unfortunately, few of those pages recently have been fiction.  I do a good deal of technical writing for my job, and those demands pay very well.

When I do write, I tend to approach technical and fiction quite differently.  The technical has a very defined and structured outline before I begin.  The fiction I write tends to be as much a discovery for me as it is for the reader.  At the beginning of each chapter, I tend to ask a couple of questions.  One, what obstacle will present itself?  Two, what new thing will I learn about the characters that gets us to a resolution?  From there, I jump inside the head of the characters and see where it goes.  Each sentence of the dialogue or narrative is a step closer to the answer, but I don’t always know what the character will choose before I get to the choice.

One example of that method is the introduction of Kim to the group.  When I was writing that chapter, I had no idea how Kim would be invited and accepted into the group.  I knew who she was, but not how she would enter.  The greeting just sort-of wrote itself, following one decision to the next, leading to the “greeting”.

The final thing is I am quite obsessive about timelines and character traits.  Much of my editing was ensuring there were no errors in detail.  I keep a complete character sheet that lists not only descriptions and proclivities, but any detail a character reveals.  In doing this, I am able to be VERY subtle in signaling plot twists so that a second read of the book (if anyone wants to) will show details that were missed the first time.  I do not think any eventual twist in Mommy Support Group is un-hinted.

Do you have any hobbies or recreational activities? And what are they?

Sex, of course.  In addition to that, I spend time with my children (the direct results of sex).  We spend time in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and camping.  I am the gourmet chef of the family, and I fear no recipe.

Random Question: I love music and think everything has a song that reminds you of it. If you could pick a song (or two or three) as the soundtrack for Mommy Support Group, what would it be?

I love this question.  I did try to include some songs in the story, but as for the soundtrack, here goes:

  • I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry
  • Lady Marmalade
  • Rock You Like a Hurricane – the Scorpions (during the latter part of the Coming Home Dinner)

Follow-up Thoughts:

Well I don’t know about anyone else, but if I’d read the interview first I’d surely want to read the book now. Who doesn’t wish their book boyfriends into life? Lucky ‘Mrs. Gentry’ gets hers. And he cooks too! I think the bar just got a little higher for men.

You can read our reviews of Mommy Support Group here or click the cover below to be taken to the Amazon purchase page.



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