Review of Little White Lies by J.D. Selmser


Genre:  Romance

Book Length (Est.): 155 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Everybody says that RW Skuce has the perfect life. He wrote a bestselling novel that made the world call him the king of romance. He has more money than he needs and is admired all over the world as a true lover; the problem is RW lives a lie. He does not believe in love because he cannot remember being in love. Actually he cannot remember anything beyond last year except that one day he woke up to learn that his past was stolen. The only connection he has to his past in a story and a mysterious woman that haunts his dreams is a book he wrote. A wild adventure begins as he travels the whole world searching for the story behind the story using his novel as a road map to his past. All the money in the world cannot buy his happiness, but he is chasing lost memories, lost love and the woman that haunts his dreams at night. Through all secrets and little whites lies is he too late to find the story behind the story.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

I found the premise of this book to be quite interesting. A well-known author who writes a best-selling romance novel, but who somehow loses his memory, including that of the woman he wrote the book about. Even though he cannot remember who this mystery woman is that apparently he loved very much, she still visits his dreams every night and keeps him longing for the life he’d forgotten.

Rayne’s journey back in time begins with a trip to a hospital to visit his biggest fan, Camilla. She loves his book so much that she believes the man in it is him and after she finds out that he doesn’t remember any of it she vows to help him find his lost love. Along with her mother Maria, Camilla and Rayne set forward to discover the past, but end up learning that stories are edited and many things are forgotten or lost throughout the pages, and that love isn’t always found where you expect it.

This is a sweet love story, but there were several continuity and editing issues that left me confused and re-reading things only to confirm that no I’m not crazy and yes I did read it correctly the first time.

My Favorite Quotes: “I believe in Karma and lying to a sick and dying girl would be like kicking Karma in the balls and expecting not to be kicked back.” 

“How can such a giant man knock on the door like a little girl?” 

Overall, I give Little White Lies 2.5 stars! 

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