Review of All American Wolf by Adriana Hunter


Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Book Length (Est.): 152 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

When a dead, naked body is found frozen in the snow, recently promoted Detective Serena Daniels is assigned to the case. Determined to be taken seriously, she sets to work unraveling the mystery, one suspect at a time.

Brody Sullivan is a man with many secrets and he also just happens to be Madison County’s newest citizen. So when he ends up on the list of potential suspects, it is Serena’s job to clear his name. There’s just one problem: Serena’s felt an undeniable attraction to Brody that ignited from the moment they first met, and if she’s not careful she may lose more than her job, she may lose her heart to the man who is willing to break every one of her rules.

ADULTS ONLY. New Adult Paranormal/Werewolf Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Jennifer’s Review: 

Serena is a female detective on a predominantly male force. Because of that she’s used to appearing harder than she is, but when two new visitors show up in town and wreak havoc on her emotions and body she doesn’t know what to do or who to trust.

After the discovery of a dead body Wes, a supposed tracker, shows up in Serena’s office offering up all the details she needs to help solve the case. And of course he’s sexy with a persuasiveness about him that makes her want to let him help her catch the bad guy. Not to mention help relieve the little bit of built up tension between them.

Brody is the man whose been marked by Wes as the murderer of not only Serena’s unknown dead body, but also many before him. But he’s also much more. He’s the man who swept into town first and the man who fell for Serena before he ever knew she was a cop. Oh yes, that was definitely a nice way to start the book!

“Fair thee well my black hair’d diamond…fair thee well my own Aisling. Thoughts and dreams of you will haunt me…”

I loved the interactions between all three characters as the mystery of ‘Who did it?‘ was uncovered. The ending was also very enjoyable. Most books end when the bad guy is caught, but this one brings you past that to what happens afterwards. You can definitely close this book without feeling jipped at the end.

My Favorite Moment: The ending was perfect. A wolf swearing his obedience to the love of his life. Yep…perfect! 

My Favorite Quotes: “Based on the tracks… or prints… maybe you should be asking if anyone’s seen any large, naked, frostbitten men in the Falls. With as cold as it’s been, some of his, ah… parts would be affected.” 

“You’re either going to run for the hills or think we’re crazy.” 

Overall, I give All American Wolf 4 stars! 

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