Review of Layla’s Gale (Elemental Myths Series #1) by Nicole Pouchet


Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Book Length (Est.): 245 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Life is finally on track for fledgling stage actress Layla Cohen until she realizes her gorgeous new director, Sebastian, is the star of the erotic dreams which she’s been having for months. She could handle the uncomfortable work situation if not for the further evidence she’s losing her mind: The wind suddenly whooshes at her command; memories of a past life emerge; and she’s sure someone is trying to kill her.

Meanwhile, director Sebastian Tawanti is steering his small D.C. theater company into the big-time with his Incan mythology-based play. The culmination of his life’s work, he won’t let anything stand in the way of his play’s success–not his mother’s objections, not the inappropriate heat he feels for Layla, and not even the mysterious, empathic symptoms he’s experienced since meeting her.

As Layla and Sebastian struggle with new love and burgeoning power, a sinister force unravels to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Will they learn the truth behind the Incan script in time to save their lives, the love they’re destined to share, and the future of humanity?

LAYLA’S GALE is Book 1 of the four-book, paranormal romance / urban fantasy ELEMENTAL MYTHS romance series. Similar in subject matter, it is a lighter, more carefree read than Deborah Harness’ All Souls Trilogy. This paranormal romance series is sure to entice readers of Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series and Marjorie M. Liu’s Dirk and Steele series. ELEMENTAL MYTHS follows four couples as they bond together in steamy romance, supernatural powers, and predestined battle to save modern mankind from the mysterious demise of the vanished Incan Empire.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received an ARC of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Layla is an actress who moonlights as a waitress to help pay the bills. But it’s neither of those things that keep her nights occupied. It’s the sensual dreams she keeps having about someone she’s never met. Until one day she does meet him…and he’s her boss…and every time she looks at him memories of her dreams pop into her head. Yep, she definitely has a slight problem with acting professional when he’s around. It’s a good thing she’s an actress and can hide her emotions…but too bad she can’t hide them from the sexy empath they’re targeted at.

It’s Sebastian’s play Layla auditioned for, and he’s completely mesmerized by her. He doesn’t know how he knows, but he knows she’s just as attracted to him, and that puts a glitch in his ‘don’t get involved with the actresses’ and ‘actors are cattle’ mottos. Though you can’t ignore feelings for someone you’re meant to be with, especially not when your mother is playing matchmaker.

I loved the premise of this story and look forward to reading the rest of the series. Bring on book two. God only knows what kind of trouble Trystan can get into with his fire elemental mate. Maybe she’ll be able to burn through the wall he put up around his heart.

My Favorite Moments: I loved it when Sebastian could hear Layla’s thoughts and when he told her he had been able to sense her emotions for a while. Luckily he didn’t let her get too embarrassed by the discovery. 

Overall, I give Layla’s Gale 4 stars! 

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