Review of Hard Rock Arrangement (The Lonely Kings #1) by Ava Lore


Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Book Length (Est.): 254 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis: 

Chronic loser Rebecca Alton is penniless, homeless, and sleeping on her sister’s couch. She needs a job, fast, but in this economy finding one is easier said than done. When she accidentally walks into the wrong office and finds herself auditioning for the role of fake girlfriend and very real babysitter to Carter Hudson, the out-of-control lead guitarist of an up and coming rock band, can she pull it off? And considering who her boss would be, Carter’s brother and the band’s bassist, manager, and undisputed king of bad attitudes Kent Hudson, would she even want the job?

Rebecca isn’t sure. In fact, she’s not sure of much in her life, except three things: Kent wants her, she wants him back, and the underlying animal attraction between them may be too white-hot to keep under wraps.

Jennifer’s Review: 

This book officially added Ava Lore to my list of favorite authors. I’m a natural smartass so I love when humor is added to a sexy book, which this definitely did.

Rebecca has pretty much given up on life and her sister’s super clean house only proves that point, but when she’s forced out of the house to find a job she ventures into something she was not expecting.

Kent needs a babysitter for his baby brother, after a less than conventional group interview he ends up with two candidates and even though this isn’t the job Rebecca has thought she was interviewing for, she’s no stranger to cleaning up after a drunken drugged up rock star who she finds passed out.

Impressed by her ability to follow through and get the job done, Kent begins to trust Rebecca…and he never trusts anyone, which only complicates the fact that he wants her in his bed more than he’d ever admit. And oh boy does she want to be there too!

This is a story about overcoming what you think you have to be and just being what you are. It’s not only about Rebecca and Kent, it’s also about Rebecca and Carter. It’s a lovely story. Not to mention there’s sex and rock stars! And to be completely honest, I highlighted so many things in this book that I loved that there’s no way I can limit them down to a few favorites, but I’ll try.

My Favorite Quotes: “Douchebag opinions were, by definition, inconsequential.”

“Unfortunately, I didn’t think put a match to it and watch the motherfucker burn was an acceptable answer.” 

“She hated to be told that someone didn’t ‘have time’ to do something properly. She always said that sort of thing meant someone was trying to fuck you with a condom so you didn’t have evidence to show the police.” 

My Favorite Laughable Moments: I loved it when Rebecca first met Carter (well after she helped him get cleaned up).

“You need some dildos, Rebecca? I have lots, apparently!”

“No, thanks.”

“There are seven here. That’s enough to get arrested in Texas!”


I love what Carter calls Rebecca: Mrs. Girlfriend. 


I always enjoyed when Carter drove Rebecca to the brink of her breaking point.

“Being Carter’s girlfriend was the worst job I had ever had. I pride myself on sticking to jobs as long as I can, but right now I was thinking of quitting. Killing Carter counted as quitting, right?”


Sonya may not be Rebecca’s favorite person or vice versa, but I definitely enjoyed her way of vengeance. 

Overall, I give Hard Rock Arrangement 5 stars! 

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