Review of Hard Rock Improv (The Lonely Kings #3) by Ava Lore


Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Book Length (Est.): 296 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Rose Alton had her future all planned out: excel at her career, find love, make a family and get rich. Then she got fired. Now after years of 90-hour work weeks she’s living out of her car and struggling to hold it together. Convinced she’ll turn it around any day now, keeping up appearances is her highest priority, but when Manny Reyes, her sister’s friend and drummer of the band The Lonely Kings, discovers her deception her secret is out… or so she thinks.

To her surprise, Manny offers to keep her secret and invites her to Kauai, where he grew up and where the band is shooting their latest video. Rose hates to be anyone’s charity case, but with nowhere else to go and needing a vacation she reluctantly accepts and is whisked away to the island paradise.

Rose soon discovers Manny isn’t like anyone she has ever met, rock star or not, Instead of preferring lavish hotels, fine dining, and parties until the break of dawn, when not on the set Manny prefers eating Spam, playing for change, and smoking out with the local hobos on the beach.

But there’s a dark secret lurking on the island, one that plagues Manny, even when he’s on the other side of the ocean. As the heat between Rose and Manny builds, Rose begins to realize that there are some times when you need to break the rules…and that the only thing you can’t plan for is falling in love…

Jennifer’s Review: 

First of all I have to say that if you love this series as much as I do…DO NOT read the epilogue until book four is released! Talk about leaving you on one hell of a cliffhanger. It’s one of those that leaves your eyes left wide and your breath held.

So now that I’ve warned you, let me tell you how much I loved this book.

If you’ve read the first book, you’ll remember Rose. She’s Rebecca’s sister, the one who offered her sister a place to stay when she needed to get back on her feet. She’s a work-a-holic attorney who loves her job, or well she was, until she lost it. Now, in order to keep up appearances, to herself and others, of staying on track with her life’s Plan, she hasn’t told a single sole that she’d lost her job and her apartment and is now living in her car.

Manny, the ever happy and laid back drummer for The Lonely Kings has glimpsed Rose’s true colors and wants to see more. He isn’t about to let a little thing like her secret homelessness or stubbornness keep him from getting to know her better.

“I wanted to see you come in the moonlight,” he said. Then his smile softened. “It was even more beautiful than I thought it would be.”

Rose’s mouth seems to contradict her thoughts and because of this she ends up in Hawaii with the band, or more importantly…Manny. It doesn’t take long for their smoldering embers to ignite into a full on inferno. And WOW what a ride it is!

“I can’t dance for all these people!”

“Not for them,” he said. “For me. Show me what you want to do to me with your body. Show me how much you want me.”

My Favorite Laughable Moment: I hate to say this, but Carter is still the funny one in series, and I loved it when they were filming in the water and he had a little incident with a fish.

“I feel it,” he was saying as I pulled up behind the cameras. “It’s wiggling in my asscrack, I swear it is!” 

My Favorite Moments: I have two. The first one is the waterfall. Wow and yum rolled into one heck of an afternoon. And two is a broken door and the perfect entrance. Thank goodness Manny made the correct assumption, which he later explains as to why he did.

Jenn 4.5 Heart 

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