Blog Tour: Review of When Angels Fall by Lachelle Redd


Genre: Erotic Horror

Book Length (Est.): 136 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

When revenge, murder, and debauchery are used to overturn the evils that exists at Thornbrook, Hall and Caine, a demoted angels feels right at home and nothing will ever be the same. Margonne’s sentence as a soul ripper in the underworld is tedious and eternal. The “Fallen One” as he is called, finds a way to rip through the life of a disgraced young exec and have the salacious romp of his life. However, when he eyes a local beauty things start to unravel and soon Margonne understands that he is a part of much bigger game. Find out what happens When Angels Fall.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from GMTA Publishing in exchange for an honest review*

I have to admit I was quite intrigued about the genre this was presented to me as: erotic horror. Never did I think those things could be put together, and so I just had to read this for myself. And WOW! I definitely think it has more horror than erotica, and is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for a sexy fallen angel story then this is not for you. This is filled with murder, rape, and every violent sin Margonne can manage while inhabiting the human body of David Thornbrook.

This is the first book I’ve read that is almost fully from the bad guy’s perception and I have to admit it was a little more disturbing than I bargained for. However, it does move quickly for a short story, and you will not have time to get bored. It has great detail when coming to the more violent parts and if you enjoy that sort of thing then you won’t be disappointed.

Margonne is a fallen angel who now guards the gates of hell and he’s grown quite bored in doing so for such a long period of time. When a ‘vacation’ opportunity presents itself he takes it without hesitation, and settles into David Thornbrook’s body and life, domineering everyone and everything in his path. It’s a fun and enjoyable time for him until a little wager forces him to do something he wouldn’t have normally done. Sometimes even the King is just a Pawn.

My Favorite Quote: “And by the way, close your mouth, you’re really making me want to jack off.” 

Jenn 3 Heart

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About the Author

Lachelle Redd is an Indie author with works on Amazon and Smashwords. She currently resides in Lake City, Florida where she continues to write horror, fantasy and erotica at her own pace. With a love of all things horror, she began writing as a teen and before long had a small library of stories of her own. With many rejections under her belt, she kept those stories on a flash drive for many years. Within the last year, Lachelle found her audience through the evolution of social media and the Internet. With many more tales to tell, this author looks forward to enticing and scaring readers for years to come.

Site: The Hot Cauldron

Facebook: Lachelle Redd

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