Newly Released: Jordan’s Desire (Strangers of Darkness #2)

Jordan's Desire Promo 2


This is the second book in the Strangers of Darkness series.

Jordan Matheson may have been born a vampire, but he’s just another rich playboy. He’s used to getting anyone he wants, whenever he wants, and never for more than a single night. For the most part he likes his life, he revels in the promiscuity, but all it takes to throw his world into chaos is one woman who tells him she’s not interested.

Samantha Davis enjoys her quiet life and loves being an attorney who helps the less fortunate. When a quick decision lands her smack dab in the middle of her best friends business life nothing for her will ever be the same. First a car chase, then a party she has no sense in being at, and then to top it all off she’s being pursued by a man who may be nice to look at, but is an ass nonetheless. If she ever gets past his brash demeanor, will she get past discovering that he isn’t exactly human? In attempt to gain some insight into Jordan’s world she instead learns more about herself…and what she learns may be the final straw that pushes her stress into pure panic.

When a bond is broken, another is formed, and then all hell breaks loose. A magnetism that can no longer be denied ends with consequence. A jealous ex whose pursuit will not be hindered and a family who makes a decision that can never be forgiven. With the odds against them will Jordan and Samantha be able to find the balance between the light and dark?

***ADVISORY*** Jordan’s Desire (Strangers of Darkness ~ Book Two) is a paranormal romance novel with explicit sexual content and adult language.

18+ Recommended.

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Dreama's Destiny

In honor of the release of Jordan’s Desire, Dreama’s Destiny (Strangers of Darkness #1) will be FREE on Amazon 4/21-4/25.

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