Review of Bete Noire (Uruwashi #2) by Christina Moore


Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Book Length (Est.):  

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Revenge is a fire that burns everything down.

Tristan Blum may be the last Uruwashi, but neither he nor his ambiguous vampire companion, Ash, knows exactly what that means. One thing is clear though, that he’s responsible for keeping the living safe from the dead. So when ancient Master vampire Yukihime comes to Tristan with news of a rogue vampire developing the dangerous gift of fire, he can’t ignore it. To complicate things, the vampire they hunt is one Ash has a very intimate past with, leaving Tristan questioning her true feelings.

The tempestuous couple track their target to France where they encounter faerie, kitsune, and a vampire even older than self-proclaimed “oldest of them all” Yukihime. Not all of the new contacts are willing to help or on the side of good. Just when he needs Ash the most, Tristan fears that she’s pulling away. At his darkest hour, trapped in an abandoned dungeon and close to death, Tristan wonders who he can trust in his new obscure world and if the flames of a single vampire’s wrath will destroy everything.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

This book picks up shortly after where the first one left off. This one is also filled with the same intensity, but it focuses a little more on Tristan and Ash as a couple.

“If he couldn’t touch her, get just a little closer to her, he was going to lose his mind.” 

Tristan once thought he was human like everyone else, but that all changed. He now knew that he was an Uruwashi…the last one of his kind. (We learned that in Beautiful Death.) But that isn’t all he is. He’s only half Uruwashi and although he learns what his other half is not, he still has yet to learn what exactly it is. Maybe we’ll learn that tidbit of information in the next book. Until then the mystery will remain.

Ash is still confusing as ever…even to herself. She’s terrified of the ‘human’ emotions she has and afraid that she won’t be able to control her actions when it comes to Tristan. She even goes as far as to push him away and break his heart, but in the end she will have to face her true feelings. Although once her decision is made something, or rather someone, comes along and now she has even more things to consider before acting on her desires. Nothing is ever easier for her.

“And that is why you do not know me at all. I have wanted to kill you since the moment we met.” 

This book is filled with secrets (some we learn, some we do not), betrayals, fighting, torture, crazy-ass sadistic vampires, and a love that cannot be denied. The plot thickens as we learn more and more about Tristan’s destiny and what it is he was truly meant for. I look forward to reading the next book in the series and hope it comes out soon because I’m quite curious about the prophecy:

“The raven flies. The flower blossoms. The star falls. The earth shudders. Darkness awakens.” 

My Favorite Moments: I love Tristan’s smart mouth and his inability to keep it shut. Every time he gets upset or scared his filter disappears (more than normal) and makes for a very entertaining read. 

Jenn 4 Heart

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