Review of Bloodlust (A Barbarian Love Story #1) by Nicole Zoltack


Genre: Epic Fantasy, Romance

Book Length (Est.): 286 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

In a world torn by prejudice and hatred, six races struggled for supremacy.

Barbarian-Princess Ivy is unwilling to allow her father to provoke the other races into war and forms an unlikely alliance with Lukor the goliath to save her people from utter destruction. Unbeknownst to her, Lukor blames the barbarians for murdering his sister and plans on sabotaging her goal.

Almost despite each other, they grow to respect each other on their journey to decode secret messages from the trolls. But nothing Ivy can do will prevent the war as her father is blinded by Bloodlust and incites it himself. Not even killing him and becoming Barbaroness can stop the tide. And when Bloodlust claims Ivy, forcing her to kill everyone in her path, she must make a choice to destroy even Lukor, who she may have started to fall for and him in return.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Ivy is frustrated with her life. She may be the Barbarian Princess, but her father and his guard don’t treat her as such. With a determined and free spirit she leaves her home behind to discover what secrets are being kept and if the murmurs of war are true. She doesn’t get far before running into Lukor, a Goliath. They’re natural enemies, but quickly discover they are evenly matched, and destroying each other may be more of a challenge than anticipated.

“Nothing stirred within her. Nothing.

A lie. Her heart had burned upon contact.” 

An unnatural match. Ivy and Lukor team up, each for their own personal reasons, and each with completely different goals in mind. It’s a relationship forged of hate, but little moments here and there bring hidden feelings into a new light, and a trust is born.

“Lukor would ensure the barbarians would die. Would he kill her too? She now knew she could never kill him, under any circumstances.” 

Lukor wants all barbarians dead. The reason is personal, but true nonetheless. His time spent with Ivy is meant to be a means to an end, but little by little that changes. Though not enough for him to change his plans. Not until an Elf proposes a trade.

“Lukor hadn’t expected to feel such a rush from their reunion. His feelings for her wavered between hatred and something akin to lust.” 

With war on the horizon unlikely alliances are formed, races are pushed to the brink of extinction, and new leaders are made. This book is filled with twists and turns that keep you on your toes. If you think you know who the true enemy is…think again. You won’t know until the truth is revealed.

My Favorite Moments: Despite the position Ivy finds herself and her people in she still will not betray or dishonor the one she loves. There are many moments she could choose otherwise, but her emotions are strong for a Barbarian. 

Jenn 5 Heart

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