Review of Fever (A Songbird Novel #1) by Melissa Pearl


Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Book Length (Est.): 237 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Singing in the shower takes on a whole new meaning in Melissa Pearl’s first Contemporary Romance.

Ella Simmons does not want to move across the country. But she is, because her boyfriend has persuaded her to join him at UChicago to finish out her college education. Never able to tell him no, she hops on a plane and makes the trek from LA expecting to adjust to life like she’s often forced to, but things are not that simple when she hears a luscious voice singing over her shower wall. His deep, sexy tenor makes her weak in the knees, spreading fire through her limbs and making her question everything about her life and relationship.

Can one voice really have that much of an impact?

Cole Reynolds is on his way out. In his final year at UChicao, the only this he wants to do is finish school and get on with this life. But the sweet voice that interrupts his morning shower turns his world upside down. Compelled to find his shower songbird, he begins a search across campus. The only thing to distract him from this goal is his roommate’s gorgeous girlfriend who’s just arrived from LA – Ella Simmons.

Relationships are put to the ultimate test as future dreams are questioned and friendships are thrown on the line for love.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received an ARC of this book free from Mark My Words Book Publicity in exchange for an honest review*

I absolutely loved this book!

Ella wants, no needs, the comfort of knowing someone is there to take care of her. After her parent’s death she had her best friend Morgan and her little sister Jody, and after Morgan went off to college she had David. The three of them gave her purpose, gave her direction, but then she lost herself in what David wanted, never stopping to think what she may want.

“Ella Simmons. Assertive.” He shook his head with a chuckle. “Those words don’t go together, baby.” 

That all changed when she got to UChicago and heard a voice chime in, singing along with her in the shower. Only a wall separated them, but the connection was instant…too bad she had David.

“This girl and me were the only people on the planet, just singing away to each other…a perfect moment.” 

Cole is David’s roommate and best friend, but after meeting Ella he can’t seem to get her off his mind. He notices the little things David doesn’t and all he wants is to show her how well he understands her. But he could never betray his best friend, so he tries to concentrate on finding the songbird he heard in the shower, the only other woman that plagued his thoughts. Too bad his songbird and the woman he cannot stop thinking about are the same woman. My heart breaks for him so many times!

“I hated that I’d fallen, but I had. No matter how much I wanted to fight it, I was ready for that next step in my life. It made me feel weak and frustrated…mostly because the girl I wanted to do all this stuff with was unavailable.” 

This is a story about finding out what you want and who you are by yourself, without everyone else telling you. It’s also about following your heart…even if your head may think it’s wrong.

My Favorite Moment: A dance between two friends that turns into more when a sultry song like Fever begins to play. A song that explains exactly what they’re both feeling. 

“He met me halfway, our lips sparking together, igniting a fire that swept through my body.” 

Jenn 5 Heart

*Clicking on the book cover above will take you to the author’s website. Fever is scheduled for release on June 15th, and sorry y’all but it’s currently not available for preorder on Amazon so you’ll have to put it on your calendars.



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2 responses to “Review of Fever (A Songbird Novel #1) by Melissa Pearl

  1. Thank you so much for such a wicked review. I love it!!! I’m so, so glad you enjoyed 🙂
    The book comes out June 15th. Can’t wait!!!

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