Review of Rafe (The Phoenix Boys #1) by Amy Davies


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.): 199 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Lucy Cooper has known The Phoenix family all her life. But one particular Phoenix has always caught her eye, Rafe Phoenix. Rafe is a triplet with his brothers Ryder and Reeve and the three of them form a band called Inside Noise.

Lucy and Rafe’s timing was always off, with boyfriends and girlfriends getting in the way but after a traumatic night at their high school bonfire with a cheating boyfriend and a life changing event Lucy and Rafe connect on a deeper level.

But things happen in life that make you realise that you need to escape and have time away to heal. Lucy needs to find herself again which she’s does on her travels. After traveling the world and arriving back in LA, Lucy re-connects with Rafe but will their friendship blossom into something more or will Lucy still hold him at arms length?

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I was gifted a copy of this book and chose to review it.* 

I think I’m going to have to review this one slightly differently, as I have mixed emotions regarding it.

Storyline: Rocked! Absolutely loved it!

Lucy had something traumatic happen that has turned her into the headstrong woman she is today. Then her world turns right side up for a change. Talk about a small world. It seems the people closest to her are also linked to people from her high school days.

Rafe is the typical rocker, or at least he was. Things started changing for him and then out of nowhere, while on stage, he spots the woman he’s been in love with since forever. And let’s just say that his reaction doesn’t go over too well. Poor Rafe, open mouth, insert foot.

Rafe and Lucy learn they have to come clean about everything before they can be anything…even if it is just friends.

Writing: I enjoyed the story so much that I tried to overlook everything else, some more difficult than others. There are many, and I mean many, typos regarding spelling, missing punctuation, and the occasional incomplete sentence. There are also a couple of continuity issues. And I didn’t understand why a certain person was seen once, but nothing ever transpired regarding them. I mean why even mention that person if they aren’t going to be active in the story somehow?

I really enjoyed Rafe and Lucy and I think if this was edited a little better then it would easily get all kinds of 5 star ratings, but as it is I just can’t give it the credit it deserves.

My Favorite Quotes: “One kiss, Rafe. And only because I now know who they are talking about and you need saving. They freaking stalk you, dude.” 

“Oh god, Gun you’re killing me babe. Get your sexy ass off me or I just might cop a feel.” ~I absolutely loved the relationship between Lucy, Gunner, and Monty.

“Shit she is good at that, I want to kill the fucker that taught her to suck dick this good.” 

My Favorite Reactions: I was impressed at Lucy’s continued reactions to certain situations. Rafe makes an uneasy confession about a girl and she laughs at him. Groupies touch her man and she holds nothing back. Oh and in the saddest moment, a crying plea, she stands strong. Lucy is one hell of a leading character. 

Jenn 4 Heart

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