Review of In Bed With The Boss by Alexa Bravo


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.): 127 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

A high-flying corporate romance that’s sure to add ‘elevator’ to your list of erotic destinations!

Trish Carter is chasing the career opportunity of a lifetime, and nothing is going to stand in her way. After a failed marriage and years of self-doubt, she needs her business proposal to succeed — but there’s one hurdle left: presenting to the Board of Directors and charismatic CEO, Keith Donnelli. So then it can only be the stress and extreme tension that leads her to jump the hot stranger in the elevator…

But the unexpectedly explosive encounter puts all her plans in jeopardy, when the stranger isn’t a stranger at all. Now, her whole future rides on how well she can resist the temptation of sleeping with her boss. Will Trish finally have the chance to make her secret dreams come true or will following her heart destroy her chance at a future?

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from NetGalley on behalf of Escape Publishing in exchange for an honest review*

I think some books should come with warnings. This one should say: Warning: Contains HOT elevator sex. May cause wet panties!

Trish loves her job; it’s become her life and her only source of true happiness. But one passionate unavoidable event with a stranger puts the very thing she loves in jeopardy. And no matter how hard she tries to ignore her desires and focus on the job she’s supposed to be doing, she simply can’t.

Keith hadn’t been the same since his accident and he certainly wasn’t concerned about taking any interest in women, so why had the unknown woman on the elevator invoked everything male in him. Her body called to his and he was at its mercy. But afterwards, when he discovers who the mystery woman is, he knows he has to apologize and right his massive error. Though he cannot seem to think about it as an error and he surely doesn’t regret one second of it.

“For a minute he didn’t even think he could remember his own name.” 

There is a lot of repetitiveness about things that happened in the past. Each remembrance bringing more information, but still it seemed regurgitated. And yet some of those things that seemed to be so important were never discussed between the characters. Once they did finally begin to discuss their past, or well, his past…it ended.

However, there were several things that overpowered the negativity. One, being – and I may be repeating myself here, but it’s that important – the HOT elevator sex! Two, the intense connection between Trish and Keith. And three, the way their passion is ignited by something as simple as a look or a passing touch. I love the way they sense each other.

I think the ending could have been a little less abrupt, but it was still a good story.

My Favorite Moments: I enjoyed the way their touches invoked something almost primal in each other and the way they each attempted to fight their desires. Talk about boomeranging emotions! 

Jenn 4 Heart

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