Review of Love Aced by Jamie W. Matlock

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Book Length (Est.):  381 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

Kole Masters has a problem. Well, problems actually. After injuring her knee at the French Open, she flees from a hospital in Paris to Marbella, Spain to escape the pressures of her manager father and the indecisions about her career – specifically, the future of it. What makes untangling her chaotic mess of a life on the shores of a Spanish beach undesirable? The fact that her now, ex-best friend Selene (she planned to announce her demotion the next time they saw each other), failed to mention the parts of the plan that involved the fiery, outspoken, anti-American tennis player Santiago Martinez.

So with a bum knee, an uncomfortable living situation and uncertainties about her future, her life isn’t exactly going as peachy as she’d planned.

Kole begins to understand that in order to figure out her future, she must sort through, and come to terms with, her past. Easy right? Not hardly. And the fact that her feelings towards Santiago – somehow and most certainly against her will – have progressed past snide remarks, heated conversations and death threats to longing for caresses that she can’t understand, jealousy that won’t go away and, eventually, the most incredible sexual experiences of her life…Well, she’s in it up to her elbows.

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Kole Masters is a professional tennis player, actually one of the best in the world depending on who you ask. Kole has some serious issues and lots of thinking to do. Falling out of love with the sport can make her job more of a job than doing what she loves. The mental abuse of her manager/father and the secrets she must hide can take the fun out of anything.

After a very bad knee injury she finds herself hiding from everyone in her life to seek the answers of what to do with her life. Thanks to her ex-best friend Selene she is hiding out in Spain with the one person who gets under her skin by just speaking.

“I had fallen out of love with the only thing that I had ever allowed myself to fall in love with, and I had, over the course of time, let it slip through my fingers willingly.” 

Santiago Martinez is a professional tennis player that believes Americans are very stubborn. With Kole hiding out at his house the sparks will fly. A stubborn American and a Spaniard are bound to have some differences.

Kole and Santiago are attracted to each other but both too stubborn to let the other know. After Santiago’s friend asks Kole on a date and she accepts Santiago can no longer hold his tongue. Trying to get Kole to notice him won’t be as hard as he thought.

“Men shouldn’t look that good. It was distracting and unfair. Not that anything about the game was fair, but he could’ve at least spared me thoughts of lust by putting on a shirt.” 

This was a fun book to read. Between the death threats, heated words and jealousy both come to realize they are very attracted to each other. I love the way they communicate with each other. Teasing and playful can turn heated in moments with these two. As the reader I was falling in love with Santiago and yelling at him at the same time. He is not your typical alpha “I can get any girl I want” type of guy. But when he knows what he wants he is willing to go the distance.

This book is great for anyone who enjoys sports, a great romance and well…great sex.

My Favorite Moment: I loved the double date.

“I no longer hoped that my dagger shooting was covert. My new friend jealousy’s claws came out of hiding…and boy were they long and sharp. Maybe this new partnership had its perks.” 

Mindy 4 Star

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