Review of Trust Me – Matty and Kayla Book One (The McDaniels Brothers #4) by Christine Bell


Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Book Length (Est.): 85 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

As the oldest McDaniels boy, it’s always been Matty’s job to take care of his brothers, but lately, he’s been doing a crappy job of it. After a rough couple months, his brother Bash is finally back on track to make a big name for himself in the boxing world, but when his golden opportunity gets taken away, there’s nothing Matty won’t do to fix it. Even if it means making a deal with the devil…and his bossy, red-headed protégé.

Kayla James wasn’t always notorious Boston mobster Mickey Flynn’s right hand. Before that, she was nobody. He might not be perfect, but he took her in when she had no one else, and she’ll be forever in his debt. If he wants her to manage his cocky new MMA fighter and turn him into a money-making machine, she’ll do it…but she doesn’t have to like it.

Once she takes the job, though, she finds herself curiously attracted to Matthias McDaniels. He understands her better than anyone ever has and she doesn’t want to give him up, but it’s only a matter of time before he discovers the truth about her…

*Trust Me: Matty and Kayla, Book One is the fourth book in The McDaniels Brothers series, and the first of Matty and Kayla’s three-part serial. These books are new adult and do contain scenes that are sexual in nature. Each couple’s story unfolds over the course of three 25,000 words books, each released approximately three weeks apart. Book Two of Matty and Kayla’s story will be released on July 7th or sooner.

This book was preceded by Fix You: Bash and Olivia’s story, which is also three parts. Book One is currently free!

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Continuing with the McDaniels brothers, this begins Matty’s journey. And I can’t wait to find out if it’s as interesting as Bash’s…so far it definitely is.

Always the older protective brother, Matty goes behind Bash’s back – yet again – to square things with Mickey. A year of his life doing something he loves can’t be all that bad. Or at least he didn’t think so until he met his new manager, Kayla.

“I’m a healthy, twenty-two year old, red-blooded male with a sex drive running on all eight cylinders. Only an asshole like Mickey would send a sexy redhead with a chip on her shoulder at least as notable as her spectacular rack to stand over me for the next few months while I try to concentrate on training for a fight.” 

Kayla has secrets, but there’s something about Matty that makes her want to tell them to him. But when Mickey puts her in a position that will break the man she’s falling for, what will she do? I can’t wait for book two so I can find out the answer to that question.

Matty has given Kayla something no one could and something she never thought she’d experience. Maybe it’ll be enough for her to follow her own path. Maybe Matty won’t be the only one who will have to choose.

My Favorite Moment: When Matty tried to end the meeting with Kayla at his gym. She wasn’t leaving without a fight…literally.

“This time, she went balls out and whipped off a neat roundhouse kick that, even though I dodged at the last second, hit me pretty square in the kidney.” 

Jenn 4 Heart

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