June 2014 – Author of the Month: L.T. Kelly w/ Interview

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L.T. Kelly has a unique perspective when it comes to her vampires. I would recommend her Falling Series to anyone who loves paranormal romance with a twist. Love triangles overlap and every page takes you somewhere you weren’t expecting.

Read Mindy’s reviews of Falling to Pieces and Falling Into You if you want to know a little more.

Congrats LT!



L.T. Kelly author of The Falling Series

About the Author

I’m thirty-one years old (you guys know I’m never going to change that number, right?). I live in the rural county of Lincolnshire in the UK.

I joined the Royal Air Force aged seventeen. You like to hear stories of how I travelled the world right? It seriously wasn’t that glamorous, but I had a wonderful misspent eleven and a half year career. I’ve met some weird and wonderful people over the years and I wouldn’t take back a minute of it, even when we were being rocketed every night in Iraq. What a cool grandmother I’ll be! “Pull up a sandbag, I’ll tell you a story, kids.”

Alas, all good things must come to an end. I was married with a baby boy and pregnant with my daughter when I left and trained to be a florist…no, really, I did. I have done precisely zero floral arrangements since.

However, what I did do was write stories, so I started to study it…because I like to have pieces of paper that say I can do things, like floristry! I achieved an NCFE level 3 in fiction writing, if you’re wondering what that is it’s an A-Level equivalent. The course largely centered around short story writing which was fine by me because there was no way I was ever going to write a book…like ever, no way!

So, *shakes head* I published the first part of a two part series on the 15th of August 2013. The second part was released on the 15th of May 2014.


How long did the characters of The Falling Series stay in your head until they reached book form?

Honestly, about a week. I was challenged by a friend of mine to bring something unique to the genre. I really didn’t think I could, I cringed every time I thought about it. The story flooded my brain and that was that. Victoria was originally meant to be a nice old lady, and then I realised that wouldn’t work. Marc, Teagan, Bartholomew, and Thomas were immediately in my head. All the rest came later in my imagination.

Your characters are very unique. A little different from other vampire books. How did you come up with the strengths and weaknesses of the characters?

Teagan was easy, for my debut novel I wanted to focus on writing what I knew. Her character trait of bad decisions, selfishness, wearing her heart on her sleeve, and drinking too much was all me when I was twenty-two. I wanted to give the reader ‘real’ people that just happened to be supernatural creatures of the night. I didn’t want it to be ‘just’ a vampire book, I wanted the reader to see, touch, taste and feel what she did and really connect with her. The other characters were all out of my head. I worked Teagan with them and how I would react to those people. It could in essence all be true.

Without giving anything away, how did you choose which character was the perfect mate for Teagan in the end?

I knew as soon as I got three quarters of the way through Falling to Pieces (Book One) who I was going match Teagan up with. The idea of Geo also came to me around the same time. I started falling in love with the character then, even though I knew it was wrong to love him I started having dreams about him and then I knew for sure how it was all going to end. I still love him so much.

With the many love triangles in the story how did you keep it straight? And did you know how it was going to end before you started it?

With the second book, Falling into You I knew how it was all going to go where the love triangles were concerned. I knew who had to die to make the plot work and how the reader needed to be led in order to ensure they could understand Teagan actions. With the actual base plot I thought I knew how it was going to go, but I ended up surprising myself with huge twists and turns that even I didn’t see coming. They just seemed to fly out of my fingers without much initial thought!

Do you think this will be the end of the series or do you have more in store for us on some of the other characters?

I would like to say this is the end of the series. I think I gave the series a very good ending to satisfy the readers. However, I’ve been begged to write more Falling books. I’ll never say never, put it that way. I am working on a contemporary romance at the moment though.

Where do you find your inspiration to come up with ideas for books?

For the Falling books my inspiration was though music. That’s why my second book had a song for each chapter and the titles are the names of songs. The book I’m writing right now was inspired by a dream.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spare time? What is that? I’m a full time Emergency Medical Dispatcher, author, mother of two, and occasionally a wife! Just kidding. I don’t watch television very often, however I was convinced by many people to watch Game of Thrones. I’m currently on series three and my writing time is suffering. I’m a huge True Blood Fan as well. That is about as much spare time as I have.

Do you have any advice for other inspiring authors?

Plot carefully but be prepared to accept changes as they come to you. Save money whilst you write so that if you decide to self-publish you’ll have enough money to do it. Don’t even think about not hiring an editor or a cover designer. You need both. No argument that you don’t need these people will not convince me. You do.

Do you prefer electronic or paper books to read? Who are your favorite authors?

Electronic. I’m a total geek. I love technology and I’m always packing a Mac. My Kindle fire is the only thing I own that doesn’t have an apple on it.

Random Question: What is your all-time favorite movie?

Oh no! Don’t do that to me! I can’t choose one! I’m just going to have to go ahead and pick a handful! Lost Boys, Twilight (ahh whatever, I liked them :p), Dirty Dancing, and Top Gun.

**We are both big Twilight fans too, so you won’t hear anything bad about that from us!**

If you want to know more about L.T. Kelly follow her on Goodreads or check out her website.



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