Review of Trapped Under Ice (Rocking Romance #1) by M.J. Schiller


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Suspense

Book Length (Est.): 314 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

The Rocking Romance books are a COLLECTION not a SERIES, so there is no need to read them in order. Different characters, different settings. All involve rock star main characters.

TRAPPED UNDER ICE is a novel about a three time platinum record-producing band whose lead singer, Chad Evans, is haunted by his past. Growing up in an abusive home, then being left alone at the age of thirteen to raise his kid brother, Chad still fights the pain he felt as a child, and the anger it causes, despite being a wildly successful rock star. “Chad [tries] to play his heart out on the stage; but he [can] never quite seem to leave it there.”

Beth Donovan, lunch lady/writer, is thrilled to be enjoying a Trapped Under Ice concert with her daughter, Cassie. Even though it has been three years since her husband, Paul’s, death, sorrow still shadows her life, so the distraction of seeing her favorite group is a welcome one. However, when the concert is over, Beth and her daughter are followed and attacked by two men in one of the stadium’s bathrooms. When Chad and his bodyguard, Pete, come to their aid, an attraction sparks immediately between Beth and the tall singer.

Though the pair is drawn to each other, the relationship goes through numerous trials centered on Chad’s unresolved anger, and Beth’s fear of opening herself up again. In addition they face being separated forever by someone who is sending Chad death threats. Trapped Under Ice is the story of a love-affair fraught with difficulties from without, (ex-girlfriends who resurface, crazed fans who don’t want to take “no” for an answer…), as well as difficulties from within, (jealousy, anger, fear…). Will Chad and Beth be able to rise above these trials and tribulations? Or will they remain trapped under ice?

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Okay…I did NOT expect the crazy person to be who it turns out to be! Wow…just wow! Well now that I’ve said that, let me say that this is a great book. Not only does it have the boy meets girl, boy screws up, couples works it out typical romance, but it also has an underlying suspenseful someone trying to kill me storyline. Nothing like a happily ever after combined with a who wants me dead scenario to keep you flipping the pages.

Chad Evans is the front man for Trapped Under Ice. He’s a rock star with a crazy past, which torments him on a daily basis. Not even through drinking, sex, or fighting does the anger in him recede…not until he meets Beth.

“He wanted this woman in a way he wanted no other woman. But, for the first time in a long time, he was at a loss as to how to achieve what he wanted.” 

Beth Donovan is a huge Trapped Under Ice fan, but there was no way she could have known what would happen after one of their concerts. The incident which led her to meeting Chad was an event that would change her life in many ways.

“Oooh. That’s so much better when I can’t see you.”

“Uhhh…is that supposed to be a compliment? ‘Cause, it doesn’t sound like one.” 

Chad and Beth’s relationship has its shares of ups and downs, but they share an intensity that cannot be denied. However, their relationship isn’t the only focus. It’s filled with great secondary characters like her daughter, Cassie, and the rest of the band. The interaction between all of the characters is well written and essential.

My Favorite Moment: I loved the night sledding. It was a bonding experience for everyone involved and it was filled with sweetness, humor, and an occasional snowball. 

My Favorite ‘Aww’ Moments: I have two (probably more, but I’ll limit it to two). The first is the second trip Chad and Beth make to the vineyard and the second is prom. I don’t want to give anything away, but they were both kinda perfect. 

Jenn 4.5 Heart

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