Review of Djinn (Djinn #1) by Laura Catherine


Genre: Paranormal Romance, YA

Book Length (Est.): 325 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis: 

She’s been on the run for as long as she can remember and her father is the only stable thing in her life, but everything changes when the people pursuing them finally catch up.

Kyra is abducted by the handsome and mysterious, Will. He takes her to a secret compound where she is told the truth: She’s a Djinn, a genie-like creature with super powers and a love of dogs.

Kyra has to adjust to the Djinn and their rules, but her new life is far from perfect. Everyone is hiding something and the one person Kyra cares about most is forbidden to her.

There are secrets around every corner and more dangers than Kyra could ever imagine as she struggles to find herself and be with the one she loves.

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Kyra has been on the run with her dad her entire life. Trying to live a stable life and actually staying in one place seems very complicated. Kyra has nightmares that are so vivid they seem so real to her, almost as if they are part of her.

With Kyra and her dad’s guards down the men looking for her show up and take her to a secret compound where her nightmares become a reality. Everyone has the same color of beautiful gold eyes as her and she learns that she is not as normal as she thinks.

Will finally returned Kyra to her parents and now must teach her the Djinn way. Teaching her the customs of their ways proves to be hard when Kyra does not believe in all of them, including that the boy she loves is actually forbidden.

I knew when I read the synopsis that I was going to like this book. What I didn’t realize was that I was going to love this book. Kyra is your typical teenager that just wants a normal life, but meeting Will and learning all of these new secrets brings out the feisty side of Kyra. Will really tries his best to play by the rules but finds himself questioning the rules as well.

This book is very well written. The author keeps you turning the pages to find out what is going to happen. I cannot wait to read more of this series.

Thank you so much for the chance to read this wonderful story.

My Favorite Moment: One of my favorite moments was when Kyra found out what she really is.

“I’m a Djinn,” I repeated for the sixteenth time, and still didn’t believe it. 

“Yes, darling,” Isabelle said, pouring three cups of tea, though no one had asked for any. 

“I’m a genie who grants wishes and lives in a lamp?” I cocked my head at her, in the hope she’d realise just how insane she sounded. 

Mindy 4.5 Heart

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One response to “Review of Djinn (Djinn #1) by Laura Catherine

  1. Thank you for the lovely review. I’m so glad you liked Djinn and thank you for taking the time to read and review it. It means a lot to me.

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