Review of Following His Lead (A Philadelphia Lawyer Romance) by Magdalen Braden

Following His Lead

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Hotness Factor: Umm…Awkward

Book Length (Est.): 75 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

A devilishly handsome man, a gorgeous red dress, and salsa dancing…

Fiona Wheeler has built a career as a math tutor. Her resolve to remain professional is shaken when Aarón Gabriel looks at her “that way.” She’s attracted to the divorced man—he’s beyond sexy!—but it would be wildly inappropriate to date him. Then he asks her to dance…

With a busy law practice and a teenage daughter to raise, Aarón has no interest in dating. Then he sees Fiona, a gorgeous woman he wants in his arms. Will she let him lead her off the dance floor and into his bed?

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from NetGalley on behalf of CrushStar Multimedia LLC in exchange for an honest review*

In all honesty I don’t think there was any story outside of Aarón and Fiona. I’m mean yes, she may have had a short conversation here or there with her friend, but besides that it skipped through time only giving you their moments together. I never mind when a book focuses primarily on the couple, but in this all I kept noticing was how fast time passed from one paragraph to the next. Hours later… Days later… It just kept skipping forward so fast I felt like I missed something.

Aarón is good man and great father. He’s content with life, until a tempting tutor enters his world and knocks it off its axis. He’s consumed with thoughts of her and refuses to let her push him away.

Fiona wasn’t always a tutor, she kind of fell into it, but she loves it. Strictly the professional she is she tries not to think of her latest student’s sexy father who keeps looking at her like he’s a starving man and she’s a buffet. Surely she’s imaging those looks, because she’s an extra fluffy girl with a few extra pounds and no one looks at her like that. Well not no one…not anymore.

Following His Lead is a story about a man not willing to give up one something he wants or let her give up on it either.

My Favorite Laughable Moment: I love Fiona’s definition of mi amor. 

Jenn 3 Heart

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