Review of Rock Heart (The Vegas Aces #2) by K Webster

Rock Heart

Genre: Romance 

Hotness Factor: An Electrifying Duet Both On and Off Stage

Book Length (Est.): 200+

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Chaz Montgomery has it all—fame, fortune, the best band mates a guy could ask for, as well as Neve. He loves his fiancée of three years, but something’s missing. It isn’t until he witnesses firsthand the epic, whirlwind romance that his best friend Bobby shares with his girl June that he realizes what he and Neve have is broken.

Being the lead singer in the hot rock band The Vegas Aces, Chaz is used to being around women all the time. He’s never been tempted, unlike his buddy Donnie. No, Chaz is loyal to Neve. But is she loyal to him?

Circumstances arise and the band is suddenly on the hunt for a new bass player. After many auditions, they still can’t find “the one” to replace their old one, Manny. When they feel like they’ve hit rock bottom, in comes an angel—a rock-and-roll bad-ass chick—who plays the bass like a star. There’s only one problem. She’s hot and an absolute distraction to Chaz.

Taylor Ryan, or just Ryan to everyone who knows her, has finally landed her dream job. She’s the new bassist for the Vegas Aces and she couldn’t be more excited. Problem is, she has a secret—a big one the size of a mountain. There’s no room in her head or her heart for anyone else—especially the sexy, rock-hard, muscled, musical god she has to spend all of her time with.

Things get heated when they go on tour and are crammed in a tour bus literally on top of one another. Tempers flare. Passions ignite. And people get burned.

When Neve leaves the picture after an epic showdown, will Ryan finally let Chaz put a chink in her rock heart? Or will her mountain of secrets pile up and crush them both?

Sometimes you have to break before you can piece yourself back together again.

Jennifer’s Review: 

After reading Country Rock I immediately started reading Rock Heart and now I cannot wait for Rock Bottom to come out. This series has me hooked!

The lead singer of the Vegas Aces is Chaz and he’s engaged to the biggest bitch of the west, Neve. They’ve been together so long that he just accepts her superiority complex and handles it the best way he can.

Ryan has a lot going on in her life, but she made a promise to audition for the new bass player position that opened up and oh did she nail it. The only problem is that for some reason Chaz cannot take his eyes off of her and it’s fucking with his concentration. For that reason alone he doesn’t want her in the band, but she plays flawlessly and everyone else wants her, so he’ll just have to figure out a way to get over himself. Or maybe not.

“Ryan, I’m not supposed to be looking at you, touching you, like this. But dammit, woman, you’re all I can think about.” 

Talk about entirely too many people crammed into one tour bus! Bobby and June get the cabin because they have the baby, which means everyone else gets a bunk…leaving Chaz to sleep directly beneath Ryan. Oh yeah, that definitely helps his concentration. Especially seeing her in her sleepwear climbing up and down past his bunk.

“Sorry to cock block, dude, but Bobby wants to rehearse that song some more,” he laughs. 

Chaz and Ryan have a connection that draws them to each other and after Neve gets kicked to the curb for less than loyal reasons they have nothing standing in their way of getting to know each other better. But Ryan has a secret that will tear them apart and may cost them everything. Although what she doesn’t realize is that Chaz’s feelings for her are way too intense to just disregard.

Rock Heart is a story about overcoming mountains and learning to have faith in others. The fact that Chaz is a sexy rock star is just added icing on the already tasty cake.

Oh and the extra best part: Donnie’s Wet Dream!

My Favorite Moment: When Donnie is texting Ryan, then he sends her a picture, and then Chaz starts texting her. Loved their texts! And yep, I still love Donnie! When oh when is his story coming out?

“He misses you so much, Ry-Bear.” 

Jenn 5 Heart

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