Review of Slate (Rebel Wayfarers MC #2) by MariaLisa deMora


Balls of titanium… Definitely!

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Book Length (Est.): 513 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Andrew Jones grew up in a small town in Wyoming, and as a teen he watched his family implode following the death of his father. Driven by a need to provide for his little brother and remaining family, he begins looking for work, restlessly traveling from job to job on his Indian motorcycle, looking for something he cannot define.

Meeting Davis Mason, President of the Rebel Wayfarers MC in Chicago is a central point in his life, and over the following years he gradually becomes Slate, assuming the persona as first a prospect into Mason’s MC, then full patch member. He has finally found the brotherhood he longed for, a sense of connection and belonging…a family and a home.

The only thing missing from Slate’s life is a woman who can love him…all of him. He finds his match in a daughter of the MC, and his dreams are filled with silent smiles, unruly red hair, and her soft curves. Slate works to gain her trust, but as their relationship seems to be finding its feet, ghosts from their previous lives threaten to ruin everything and put the woman he loves in grave danger.

Can he save his woman from the dangers brought to her doorstep by the past, or will she and their love be a casualty of conflict within the club.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed by a sequel. I absolutely loved book one, Mica, but book two fell extremely short of my expectations. The storyline just jumps entirely too much. I’d start to get pulled into the story, enjoying the characters and what was happening and then it would jump forward again. New characters, new location, and more time passed. In other words…it would pull you in and drop you, then repeat the process all over again.

This book starts when Andrew is a teenager and then moves on through his life as he learns to move forward until eventually becoming Slate. It takes you through his teenage years, his first jobs, interactions with new people who will continually affect his life, and then it will end with him finding a little bit of happiness. From farms, to horse trailers, to MCs.

“I can tend bar too, but I fucking love tuning and stroking chrome.” 

Andrew has always been that dependable person. In his earlier years he had no choice. His signature “What do you need me to do?” and “I got this.” were what kept him going even when he wasn’t sure what to do.

“If you get tired of this one, I would like to know. Balls of titanium, he has.” 

Despite the connection I felt with the characters in the first book, in this book I couldn’t connect with hardly anyone. They wouldn’t be in the story long enough to bond with. I couldn’t even feel the connection between Slate and Ruby.

The timeline does cross with that from Mica, so you get a little bit of that story again, but through a new set of eyes.

All I can say is that the more I read the more frustrated I became. I wanted to love this. I really did. But I sadly did not.

My Favorite Quote: “God forgives; Rebels don’t.” 

Jenn 2.5 Heart

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