Review of Ignited (Most Wanted #3) by J. Kenner


A dangerous and sexy man who can stimulate your body with his voice as easily as his paintbrush… YUM! 

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica

Book Length (Est.): 322 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

For fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, Bared to You, and Release Me comes an all-new erotic series of three enigmatic and powerful men, and the striking women who can bring them to their knees.

He promised to take me as far as I could go—and I wanted to go to the edge.

My whole life has been a cover, a con, a lie. I was born into the grift, raised on the thrill of playing someone I’m not. As a rule, I never let anyone get too close—until Cole August makes it impossible for me to stay away.

Cole is tough, sexy, and intensely loyal, yet his secrets are dark and his scars run deep. Not many women can handle his past, or the truth behind his fierce demands. But something about him beckons me—and our desire is a game I must play.

I know he’s dangerous, that even his touch is trouble, but what is passion without a little risk?

Ignited is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from NetGalley on behalf of Random House Publishing Group – Bantam Dell in exchange for an honest review*

Ignited is the third book in the Most Wanted series and it doesn’t disappoint. Filled with secrets, danger, love, lust, and two people who’ll do anything for each other it’s a must read. The books in this series can be read independently, but if you want to fall in love with all of the characters I’d start at the beginning.

Kat was raised in the grift, her father a con artist, the very thing she was raised to be. Somewhere along the way she found a place she fit, a place she wasn’t in a hurry to leave, and a place she wanted to set down roots. She got close to people, made friends, and even lusted after a man for the first time. He became an obsession that would never leave her mind and it was time she told him how she really felt.

Cole’s a business man, but he’s also a criminal. He’s lived a hard life and although he wants nothing more than the desirable and innocent Kat, he’d never taint her light with his darkness. Instead of going after what he wants he paints.

Cole may be hardheaded, but Kat is determined to get what she wants. She’ll put all of her trust in him, but what he does with it may turn out to be nothing but trouble. Is her love for him strong enough to weather any storm? Guess you’ll have to read it to find out.

Fall in love with Ignited like I did. Cole is that typical sexy bad boy who’ll do anything to protect those he loves and Kat is dead set on proving she’s not the innocent girl he thinks she is. There’s intense attraction, sultry sex scenes, and a criminal element to keep you on edge.

My Favorite Moment: I loved it when Kat shows up unexpected at Cole’s house. Don’t you just wish all sexy men answered their doors in towels? I know I do. 

My Favorite Sweet Moment: When Cole talks about what would be a miracle. 

Jenn 5 Heart

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