Review of Heat of the Moment by Robin Kaye

Heat of the Moment

All is fair when you play with fire… 


Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Book Length (Est.): 106 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis: 

Cameron O’Leary, a 4th generation firefighter turned arson investigator, thinks he’s the luckiest man in the world—after a year of sickness in the family, everyone’s finally on the mend, and his life can go back to its even keel. But even though Cameron has moved to Boston to be there for his family, some sort of live-in nurse is still necessary, given the demands of his job.

Erin Crosby is financing her master’s thesis in social work by acting as a home health care nurse. Working for Cameron seems like the perfect gig—low key, plenty of time to work on her thesis, and the patient is lovely. She might never have lived with a man before—she’s never found anyone she cared about that much, had barely even considered it—but Cameron is easy to live with, and an easy friendship blooms between them.

But it gets harder and harder for Cameron to keep his hands off of his charming employee—and for Erin to remember that she hasn’t really moved into Cameron’s life.

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received an ARC of this book free from NetGalley on behalf of Penguin Group/InterMix in exchange for an honest review*

Cameron O’Leary is a 4th generation firefighter and is now an arson investigator that needs a live in nanny for his daughter in order to meet the demands of his job. He has lived a dating, sex free life, and has not even thought about it in two years. Cam’s focus is his job and his daughter, Janie.

Erin Crosby is trying to get her Masters and is acting as a home health care nurse. When her best friend sends her on an immediate interview she gets more than she bargained for. Becoming a live in nanny will be very challenging as her boss is H-O-T and single. Not to mention his daughter is amazing and very smart.

I truly loved this book. A single dad trying to raise his sick daughter and keep up with the demands of his job….WOW! Cameron and Erin have instant chemistry although neither wants to admit it. This is a quick read and the storyline tends to jump where needed, keeping you interested the entire time. I really fell in love with the characters and would definitely recommend this to well…..everyone!

My Favorite Moment: I really loved the interview. I feel like the ice was broken right away so everyone could be comfortable living together. However, it also really made me laugh. 

Mindy 4 Star

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