Review of Flaming Hot (Firefighters of Lanville, TX #2) by Lynn LaFleur

Flaming Hot

Suit Up Boys and Girls…It’s Going To Be A Hot One!  


Genre: Romance, Erotica, Firefighter Romance

Book Length (Est.): 289 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis: 

Big and bold, strong and sexy, the firefighters of the Lanville, Texas, Volunteer Fire Department know how to turn up the heat…


Sparks fly the moment Eve and Quade meet. Fear of heartbreak makes them wary but neither can deny the scorching waves of desire that leave them wanting so much more…


Paige wonders about Cort’s past but she can’t ignore the heat she feels inside every time he touches her. And things only get hotter when this sexy firefighter takes her to the heights of extreme carnal pleasure…


For years Kirk has kept a secret that not even his twin knows. But the arrival in town of a sexy newcomer turns up the heat and keeps the flames of passion burning all night long…

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received an ARC of this book free from Kensington Books in exchange for an honest review*

I fell in love with Lynn’s Lanville volunteer firefighters when the first story was published in a complication called Hot Shots. And I’m so glad I came across it! After that we got three more captivating stories in Smokin’ Hot. I couldn’t wait for Flaming Hot…I’m addicted.



Eve’s been hurt and doesn’t want to risk being hurt again, which is why dating isn’t even on her radar. There’s just one problem with that, she’s definitely on Quade’s, and although he’s a patient man he’s done waiting. He wants Eve and knows just how to be persuasive enough to get the chance.

Once Eve agrees to go out with Quade things heat up very quickly. Neither can get enough of the other. He’s falling for her too fast and she’s enjoying spending time with him, but she doesn’t want more, and when he drops an invitation on her lap she panics.

Thank goodness for meddling friends and talkative labs.

“I like when you look at me that way.”

“What way?” she asked, her voice coming out huskier than she’d prefer.

“Like you’re thinking about all the things I could do to you with my tongue.” 

Their relationship is light for the most part and the sex is hot and heavy, but they never really delve into why she sucks at relationships. It just kind of glossed over it. Oh well, guess the reason wasn’t important.

4 Fiery Hearts! 



Paige isn’t looking for Mr. Right, simply because she doesn’t expect to find him, so instead she’s looking for Mr. Light-My-Panites-On-Fire and boy oh boy does she find him.

Cort has business in Lanville, and it’s something he can’t share. He doesn’t want to be secretive, but he doesn’t really have a choice. Of course, he didn’t expect falling for a gorgeous woman in the few days he’d be there either, and that just complicated his situation.

“My God, you’re an amazing woman.” Cort turned her around, gently pushed on her shoulders until she sat on the bed. “I don’t think I’ve ever known a woman as sexy as you.” 

The attraction between Paige and Cort is instantaneous and neither do anything to deter that fact. Sometimes you can’t let something good pass you by. They can always figure out the details later, which thankfully they do.

The ending kind of seemed a little too bing-bang-boom, but it still wrapped up nicely.

3 Fiery Hearts! 



Wow! Just wow! Now that was freaking H-O-T!

Kirk and Kory are the sexy twins. Kory’s the horn dog, always looking to get laid, and Kirk is the laid back quiet one who wants to settle down. Problem is…he’s gay, and no one knows. It’s probably the only secret he’s ever kept from his brother. But when a sexy stranger comes to town and leaves him breathless he figures it’s time to finally come clean to not only his brother, but also his parents.

Josh isn’t the typical rich kid. Yes, he has money, but he also wants to know how it feels to work with his hands for that money. With no work experience, Kirk hires him on the spot…of course who needs experience when you have a nice ass. Only problem is that he only needs a job for a few months and then he wants to continue on down the road.

Kirk and Josh hit it off from the start and it doesn’t take long for Kirk to open up to him. Their romance is filled with want, need, and a whole lot of passion.

“Watching you jerk off was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.” 

But what happens when those few months are up and it’s time for Josh to get back on the road? Sadness, that’s what.

This was my favorite story and I absolutely loved the ending, PDA and all.

5 Fiery Hearts!


Flaming Hot continues the greatness that is Lynn LaFleur’s Firefighters of Lanville, TX. With every character comes a completely independent story, but at the same time keeps in all the characters we’ve grown to love. I can’t wait to see whose next. I’m betting someone can get Kory to settle down…wonder if it’ll be that sweet waitress he secretly has eyes for.

Jenn 4 Heart

*Clicking on the book cover above will take you to the Amazon purchase page. Flaming Hot is scheduled to be released on October 28th, but is currently available for preorder.

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