Review of Coming Home (The Santa Monica Trilogy #2) by Jill Blake

Coming Home

Sometimes All We Need is a Second Chance

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.): 150 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

Eight years ago, Grace went to New York to meet the father she never knew. Drawn into a frenetic life among Manhattan’s über-rich, she ends up staying. But when her new marriage collapses in a firestorm of scandal, she flees back to California to recover.

After his college girlfriend dumped him without explanation, Logan spent eight years building his career and sampling some of L.A.’s finest talent. Now that Grace is back in town, Logan can’t stop thinking about her, and wondering What if…?

Sometimes first love deserves a second chance.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Grace not only left a scandal in New York, she also left an abusive husband who needed but refused to get help. She wasn’t the same girl who’d left California. She’d been tainted and her emotions left astray. She was both harder and more fragile. What she needed was someone to help her move forward in life. And she never expected that person to be her ex Logan.

Logan wasn’t always the smartest guy when it came to love, which is why he lost Grace. He didn’t question her. Didn’t stand up for her. And then she was gone. Since her no woman was more than a friend with benefits…even if they thought it was more. Then one day sitting right there in front of him is Grace, and all he wants is to bury himself inside her again. Yep, he’s a guy, and all they think about is sex, but that desire will become more.

“It wasn’t pity sex,” Logan growled.

“Sure sounds that way to me.”

“For God’s sake, Grace, I love you.” 

I wanted to like this book, I truly did, but there was just something about it. It doesn’t pull you in and hold you there. I think because it jumps forward and only glosses over certain topics that my attention just kept slipping. I liked the characters and the storyline has great promise, but the technique wasn’t for me. I like to be captured by a book and this one didn’t do it.

Jenn 3 Heart

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