Review of Blackness Takes Over (Blackness #1) by Norma Jeanne Karlsson

Blackness Takes Over

Spank Bank Full!


Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book Length (Est.): 302 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Shannon Kelly’s life has been anything but typical. Her life has been altered viciously at the hands of others twice. However horrible they have been, it’s these changes that have given her a family and career…now possibly love. The last thirteen years she has been supported and loved by her protector, her entertainer, and her comforter, but never a lover. When Dylan Kellerman enters Shannon’s life he changes its course in more ways than one. He gives her hope and promise of a future she was convinced wasn’t attainable. Just as she begins to believe she has finally turned her life into something she can build a future on…blackness takes over.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

I started this series on book three, Shrouded in Blackness, and just had to go back and start at the beginning.

Shannon Kelly has a very unique story and a more unique family. “….she has three fathers, two mothers, and nine completely fucking crazy brothers.” 

She met her three closest friends in college. Shannon, Kavy, Sully, and Cally formed an immediate bond that nothing could ever tear apart. They are each other’s everything and anyone who attempts to mess with that will have the entire family to deal with.

“You have to quit wakin’ her up man,” I hear sully chastise Kavy. “Why areyou still crawlin’ in her bed after you send your randoms home. We’re not in college anymore.” 

“I’ve been crawlin’ in bed with her for what? Thirteen years. I sleep better with her than I do alone and you know I can’t sleep with anything I fuck, so she’s like my comfort blanket man. I’m not ready to be weaned yet.” 

When Kellerman enters the picture the boys go into overprotective mode. He’s just like them, an alpha who wants to protect Shannon, only difference…he also wants to fuck her. Not only that, but he wants all of her, and he’s willing to share her with her boys in order to do it.

“Sorry O’Sullivan. I got dibs on this one.” 

I love the way Norma Jeanne layers her stories. There’s so much that happens and you can’t help but stay glued to the pages. A strong alpha female surrounded by sexy alpha men who somehow make their relationships work like they were made for each other, a death threat, a traitor among them, and a kidnapping. Blackness Takes Over ends on a hold your breath type cliffhanger. Talk about needing to immediately start book two, Blackness Awaits.

My Favorite Moments: I absolutely love the interactions between Shannon, Kavy, Sully, and Cally.

“You’re the hottest chick I’ve seen in, I don’t know…ever. You’re hilarious. You don’t take shit from anyone. You cuss as much as we do. You can cook. You’re brilliant. You love sports. You’re not a girly girl. You. Are. Perfect.” I’m speechless and freaked out. “And I don’t wanna fuck you,” he says mater-of-factly, like he just told me the sky is blue. 

My Favorite Laughable Moment: I loved everyone’s reactions to Shannon’s dress.

“Holy fuckin’ shit, Shannon.” His jaw is on the floor. “Will you please go out with me? Marry me? Let me smell you hair? Anything?


“Uhhhhaaa,” a laugh breath bursts out of Cally’s mouth. “Spank bank full to the mothafucking brim, Kid.”


“Kid, are you trying to get me killed?” Kavy sneers, as he takes his seat next to me.

“No shit? Where the fuck did that dress come from and where’s the rest?” Sully adds to the inquisition.

“Dress? I thought she had on a shirt and forgot her goddamn pants!” Fin finishes the diatribe. 

Jenn 5 Heart

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