Review of Into the Blackness (Blackness #4) by Norma Jeanne Karlsson

Into the Blackness

Now that’s a family!


Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book Length (Est.): 445 Page

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Cease being everything you’re trained to be in order to find who you’re meant to be…with.

Nick Cooper is many things in life. He’s a vicious enforcer for a crime family. He’s a monster that tortures with a smirk tattooed on his lips. He’s an olive-skinned god, mysterious and captivating. He’s the best undercover field agent in the Domestic Crime Agency. He’s my partner for the next year. I have to play his wife which will test my abilities as an agent. Nick isn’t the type of man I’m used to dealing with. He’ll push me, tempt me, hurt me and eventually end up on the business end of a weapon I’m wielding. This mission will change everything I’ve ever known about people and myself. I can only hope I’ll survive it.

Katherine Russell is many things in life. She’s a chameleon, able to change and adapt to any situation. She’s lethal…as lethal as me. She’s a golden-haired ray of sunshine. She’s the best field agent the Domestic Crime Agency has ever had. She’s my partner for the next year. No, she’s my wife. There are worse things in life than sharing a fake marital bed with a gorgeous woman for a year. Trust me. Kat’s more than a beautiful woman though, and I have the feeling she’s going to challenge me, battle me, infuriate me and test all the walls I’ve spent a lifetime building around myself. Our mission is to find and eliminate a human trafficking kingpin. It’ll be child’s play compared to the journey my new partner is going to take me on. If I can manage to shed the monster of my past I’ll no longer be pulled into the blackness. I’ll be able to bask in the light that glows from every pore of Katherine Russell.

If only it were that simple.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Kat’s a chameleon, always having her mask in place when needed, problem is her new partners can see every time she wears it and he doesn’t like it one bit. Nick wants to see the real her, not the face she hides behind.

“Katherine Russell is stunning, smart, funny, deadly and getting’ ready to share a bed with you for the foreseeable future. You got nothing to say about that other than she’s good at her job? Either you’re gay or blind,” Jakes says pointedly.

Kat is scary good at turning off her emotions to get the job done, but when she’s introduced to her “nephew” and then he brings home a few “strays” her mask disappears, the ice surrounding her hearts melts, and all she can think about is how much she loves and wants to protect those boys.

Nick had one love, he lost her when he was but a boy, only to find her again many years later under the cruelest of conditions, though Shannon Kelly has her own knight in shining armor, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still the closest of friends. It’s time for him to find his own happiness and damn if he doesn’t find it in his new partner, Kat.

“I’ve broken my favorite new toy from playing with it too much like an over eager five-year-old on Christmas.” 

Undercover and unable to keep their personal emotions at bay Kat and Nick will learn the meaning of family. They will do damn near anything to protect the new family they’ve created, even if it jeopardized the op. Something’s are just more important.

“Please don’t call me Aunt Kat. It sounds like the name of some old lady’s dead cat that she’s had stuffed after it died and still shares her meals with,” Kat explains seriously. 

I really enjoyed how protective the boys were of Kat and Nick. Jake, Dane, Cole, and Sawyer not only stand up for each other, but also their parents. Their stories are sad and every mothering instinct I have tells me I would have done the same thing as Kat in every scenario.

Into the Blackness was a fantastic read. I absolutely love this series. For anyone who wants to be pulled into a story with corruption, greed, torture, heroes who never back down from a fight, family, humor, and sex this is the series for you.

My Favorite Laughable Moments: I loved every time Dylan “Kel” did or said something to Kat to get even with Nick. Payback can be hilarious when it involves two very jealous alpha men. It’s even funnier when all of Shannon’s boys get in on it.

“You’re gonna lose that fuckin’ arm, O’Sullivan,” Nick growls from behind us.

“Just keepin’ her warm for you,” he purrs back suggestively, causing me to roll my eyes dramatically. “Dangerous thing leavin’ a pretty single woman like this around.” 

My Favorite Moment: There are so many great moments in this book. I absolutely loved it when Kat avenges what was done to Sawyer. But my all-time favorite has to be the ending. A special surprise that’ll pull at your heartstrings.

Jenn 5 Heart 

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